Tevo Heater Price NZ

Need heater that you can use in all weather? 

In rain, snow, or heavy wind?

Well, you should buy Tevo Heater right now.

With its high technology, this heater indoor/outdoor can be the best heater that you ever have.

Don’t be too worried about its price.

You can have it with such an affordable price.

Not so pricy if you look at what benefits that you can get after buying this magic machine.

For more information, try to read more the complete details right down below.

Tevo Heater’s Benefits

According to its official website https://tevoheater.co.nz/, the Tevo Heater is totally weatherproof in all conditions.

With its IPX4 weather resistance performance, you can use it without any worry.

The radiant heat of this heater is coming from its carbon fibre bulb technology.

This high technology will produce the infrared heat waves to your room.

Then, that wave’s warmth will penetrate objects in that room.

And for that, the thermal energy that be produced from that waves is so efficient to keep release heat back into your room even when you are not using the heater at that time.

No kidding!

The efficiency of its thermal energy even up to 95% with 20m3 heating area.

That’s why, your rooms can keep warmer for a long time.

Just push the button, then you can enjoy the warm and cozy summer in your home immediately.

Tevo Heater’s Products

There are three components of Tevo Heater that you should have in your home.

First, Tevo Heater

Finally, if you decide to buy this heater, you will get the remote control, built-in timer, and also its motion sensor.

This heat system can heat your rooms three times faster than other heaters.

For your information, it is ten degree warmer than gas heater.

So that, you can cut your costs even up to 50% less.

More important, the Tevo Heater also 100% UV free so it is so environmental friendly.

Second, Tevo Heater Stand

For your information, with this product, you can move the heater easier from one room to another location or to outdoor location without any difficulty and problems.

It is so easy to carry, lightweight, easy to assemble, and also multi-directional stand.

Or, in other words, this product is so easy to pick up and move to anywhere that you want.

So now, with this heater stand, you can feel warm sunshine wherever you go.

In addition, this Tevo Heater Stand also uses certified stand due to the strict electrical standard.

And its custom designed has already meet all Australia and New Zealand safety requirements, also easy assemble and installment.

Third, Tevo Heater Replacement Carbon Element

Well, it has to be another important thing from Tevo Heater that you must have after you decide to use and buy this heater.

This replacement carbon element will help you to replace the carbon fibre bulbs when accident happens like the bulb breaking or some problems like that.

Unlike others outdoor heaters that need many costs to buy a gas, this heater can give you instant warmth, not so pricy, and safe in any weather.

Tevo Heater’s Price

The price for each of Tevo Heater’s products are: (https://tevoheater.co.nz/collections/all)

  • The Tevo Heater Stand only around $199.99 NZD.
  • The Tevo Heater itself is about $399.99 NZD.
  • The Tevo Heater Replacement Carbon element only around $99.99 NZD.