National School in Kenya which Take Pupils with Above 350 Marks

If you – as citizen of Kenya – have kids and want them to continue their study in one of the national schools in the country, you have to read this article deeper.

For your first information, Kenya has more than 100 national schools right now, and that condition will give you bunch of lists to choose.

The schools are classified into four clusters.

And those clusters are chosen based on their human resources and infrastructure.

As you know, human resources is one of the most important in education and learning area all around the globe.

The conditions of all students when they do learning must be better as a result.

And for the best performances while studying in schools, the infrastructure itself also determines the populations of pupils that the school can contain.

In short words, the human resources and the infrastructure must be go along at the same path.

All Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) candidates are be required to choose one school from each of those clusters.

National schools under the Cluster 3 usually are the best national schools in Kenya.

Most of them have already existed for over thirty years until now and become one of the top 17 best national schools in the country.

But, if you or your kids decide to choose another list, extra county schools can be a good choice too.

Don’t be worried by their quality because most of them usually already be as one of the top schools in the counties as well.

Anyway, not only based on their quality and popularity, but you also have to choose the best schools for your kids depend on their scores.

According to site -, if your kids have score more than 300 marks in KCPE or Kenya Certificate of Primary Education but less than 400 marks, well you have to choose national schools that classified under Cluster 1.

There are a lot of the best secondary schools under that cluster for sure.

And luckily, on the very update news, the government decided to upgrade some national schools that have good performing during years for making them better in quality.

So, if your child has score more than 300 marks but under 400 marks, you better go well for Cluster 1 or Cluster 2, not Cluster 3.

Because of course, the competition among all national schools under Cluster 3 are so high. (

You don’t want your kids getting stress if they can’t follow the flow in the future, right?

Well, for national schools under Cluster 1 like we are talking before, here the lists.

  • For high school, students can choose one of these schools like Asumbi Girls, Bunyore Girls, Bura Girls, Chogoria Girls, Garissa, Kagumo Boys, Kakagema, Kanga, Kapsabet Boys, Karima Girls, Kenyatta High, Kipsigis Girls, Kisii, Lugulu Girls, Machakos Boys, Makueni Boys, Maranda, Moi Girls Isinya, Moi Mbiruri, Murang’a, Muthale Girls, Nyabururu Girls, Pangani Girls, Ribe Boys, St Brigids Girls, St Patricks Iten, and Tartar Girls High School.
  • For you who wants to study at the secondary school under Cluster 1, you can choose Mama Ngina Secondary School in Mombasa County.
  • For more, you can choose Friends School Kamusinga in Bungoma County, and Meru School in Meru County as well.

But, another good option also can give you a chance to go to the better schools in the country.

Especially, if your boys or daughters have more than 350 marks and less than 400 marks.

Some schools under Cluster 2 must be a great choice for them, such as: (

  • For Secondary School, you have bunch of lists such as Bahari Girls, Garbatula Boys, Hola Boys, Kabianga Boys, Kathiani Girls, Kisima Girls, Lamu Girls, Mandera Boys, Mbooni Girls, Moi Girls Mandera, Moi Girls Nyabohanse, Moyale Boys, Mpeketoni Boys, Ngao Girls, Oolaiser Boys, Sa Kolanya Girls, Sironga Girls, St Joseph Chepterit Girls, Tenwek Boys, Turkana Girls, and Wajir Girls Secondary School.
  • For students who want to go into high school, you can choose Chewoyet Boys, Nanyuki Boys, Nyandarua, and Wajir Boys High School.

Furthermore, for you who have kids that has scores more than 400 marks, well, you must be so happy because they can enter to the best national schools in the country for instance. (

And those schools – under Cluster 3 – are right down below.

  • From Kiambu County, you can choose one of these national schools: Alliance Girls High School, Alliance High School, Limuru Girls High School, Loreto Limuru High School, Mangu High School, and Maryhills Girls Secondary School.
  • In Nairobi County, one of these national schools must be the best choice for your kids: Kenya High School, Lenana School, Moi Forces Academy, Nairobi School, Starehe Boys Centre, and Starehe Girls.
  • Maseno School for you who live in Kisumu County.
  • Moi Forces Lanet High School, Nakuru Boys High School, Nakuru Girls High School, and Utumishi in Nakuru County.
  • Moi Girls High School from Uasin Gishu County.

However, if your kids are one of the top three candidates, they will be given first priority for joining national schools and they will be selected across all sub-countries in Kenya.