If you are searching for the right online shopping platform that sell unique headband or hairband from various fabrics and hues, you should put the Oxidebe website on your lists.

There are plenty variations of headband with such interesting and attractive colors that you can find for women in there.

Some colors of headband that maybe your favorite one are like blue, purple, pinks, grey, and other beautiful colors as well.

Those headbands or hair bands can be used during makeup, shower, or even spa.

Moreover, the prices itself also very affordable for you.

It is ranging from $11.19 bucks until $12.60 - $12.95 USD for all variants.

So, you will not see any significant differences for every brands or fabrics of the products in price.

From their official www.oxidebe.com website itself, it said that the Oxidebe – as well as other online shopping platforms – also has return and shipping policy for their customers.

For return policy, you have to return your order in only 14 days after receiving the product.

You don’t have to pay for your return policy.

The Oxidebe platform will provide store credit for you to use it in the next purchase.

Moreover, after your order reached them, it will be sent within one until two business days via email.

On the other hand, for the shipping policy, Oxidebe will ship your products from 7 until 10 business days and will arrive in 5 until 10 days via USPS.

And surprisingly, they will not take the shipping charges for your products.

For the payment itself, the transaction only be valid through PayPal.

Another important points that you have to know about this Oxidebe is this site doesn’t offer any cancellation policy at all.

Once you order and their shipping teams receive that order, they can’t cancel it.

Otherwise, you can alter or change the order at the earliest by send them your email as soon as possible.

But as well as other online shopping platform that still new to the market, you have be careful with this website before you are choosing your products and buy it.

It was launched in just past three months, from December 2020.

And perhaps because of that, people are not aware so you can’t found any reviews from their customers on the portal.

But, that makes this looks suspicious, right?

After we analyze it deeper, we find that this website is not available on any social media platforms at all.

The trust score is only 1%.

And although this web has its contact number and the company’s office address – on 508 South Main Street, Thrall, Texas, United States – and they use HTTPS certificate, but the domain register country itself is not from US.

Their policies are not friendly for customers because the register country was coming from a big red flag China.

Furthermore, according to cinejoia.tv/is-oxidebe-legit/ website, there are plenty spelling and copied errors in their content that contains un-trustworthy thing like plagiarism.

So, in conclusion, we can’t let you to trust this website 100% more for buying the products that you want.

Also, we don’t recommend you and other customers to invest your money on their website.