Newgrounds com Chainsaw Dance

Based on the popular manga, the Chainsaw Man, Chainsaw Dance is a short rhythm game that includes one song in its demo.

The manga itself write and illustrate by Japanese Manga writer, Tatsuki Fujimoto.

With more than 9.3 million copies per-March 2021, this manga has been well received by critics and highlight in its storytelling, dark humor, even violent scenes.

And now, because of its popularity, this manga also has its short game, the Chainsaw Dance.

If you are one of the Chainsaw Man’s lover, well, having the game is one of the best choice for you.

You can find it on some websites like site or portal.

On those websites, you can download the Chainsaw Dance demo for free.

On portal for example, you can get Chainsaw Dance demo for desktop in .zip file with only 91 MB.

While for Chainsaw Dance Sprites only 121 kB.

Similar with portal, as online entertainment website and company that hosts many user-generated content also offers the same regulation.

For your know, this company has already available from 25 years ago and produce a lot of user-generated content which categorized into four web portals, such as movies, audio, games, and artwork.

According to Wikipedia portal, the also offers many kinds of contents like art, indie games, music, and even animation.

Today – from the end of 2020 –, the website itself started to develop their new content, called as newgrounds player.

This would become the alternate media player to continuing the old Flash projects after it was not being supported by Adobe Flash Player after the end of 2020.

For that, they support HTML5 for their games and animations which can be uploaded in a .zip file form.

And one of the game that you can find on their website is the Chainsaw Dance -

But, first, for your information, even though the has already been on internet from 25 years ago, they still didn’t use HTTPS format.

So, if you want to visit their address, you have to use VPN application first, to open their site.

After open the site (with VPN), well, you will be surprised because their page has the same information with what the website tells us before.

In there, you will be told that if you want to get downloadable version of Chainsaw Dance, you have to go to

It seems like the author of the article on is the same person with Benedique’s portal.

However, there are some information on the page as well, if you want to survive in the game.

For navigate it, use your “mouse”, and if you want to pause it, just click esc.

Anyway, for the dance itself, you can change it and choose D F J or K in the game.

But, remember, sometime this rhythm game is not designed to run on your devices, for example, your smartphone.

So, you can download them first, and try to run on to your PC or laptop.

Or, just play the game on website directly.

For that, on their first page, you have to tap “Run rhythm game” red button and enjoy your game.