Myvaccine Georgia Com

If you are the Georgians, just take a look at the useful website from the Georgia Government that already open up on Thursday.

The portal that called as was made for scheduling COVID-19 vaccination appointments for all residents in the state.

But, unfortunately, if you are go to the portal right now, this portal is no longer exist and can’t be accessed anymore.

Maybe it’s because some stuff like a configuration error, too much traffic, or access blocking issues.

That’s why, the Government take their own initiative for making the new website, called as website.

As their first reason of why they make online website before, this new website still sticks to their goal for helping Georgians to streamline the process for scheduling the vaccination across the state.

Besides its very important for an eligible person for COVID-19 vaccination, for Georgians who are not eligible still can do pre-register for the vaccine on the website.

The residents can sign up first, and receive updates about their eligibility for vaccine.

For your information, some people who receive the vaccine right now are available for the 1A+ category or group such as health care workers in clinical settings (for example nurses, EMS, physicians, laboratory technicians, and environmental services), adults people who already aged 65 years (and older along with their caregivers too), and also long-term care residents and staffs.

Furthermore, other people who work as law enforcement and emergency responders like fire personnel including volunteer departments also included in its group as well.

But, in the near future, the state expects to begin and finalize receiving nearly 200,000 doses vaccine weekly and expanding its criteria within the next two weeks.

Some categories may be this include teachers, front-line workers (according with guidelines issued by CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and/or some groups who including in the ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) recommendations.

Those ACIP group recommendations are like agriculture workers, teachers, and grocery store workers.

According to the article of website, the state itself will open up four mass vaccination sites as well.

Those places are in Albany, then Macon, Habersham County and last, at the Delta Flight Museum in Hapeville – at the Delta Air Line headquarters, near the Atlanta airport.

So, for starting the process, Georgians must sign up first through the government new online appointment system.

For that, just go to their official website ( right now.

First, read the explanation in there about who Georgia residents that include into that lists.

If you are one of the groups like we are talking on above, click “Register to join the wait list.”

After that, you can making your own schedule appointment for the vaccination.

Then, just go drive to the pharmacy for getting your COVID-19 vaccine.

Last, you must schedule again for your next vaccination.

Along with that, if you are not 1A lists, just take a look at the website until the bottom page first.

And see what groups are you, whether 1B or 1C group.

1B Group is for the essential workers (non-healthcare) who perform their job tasks across critical infrastructure sectors, safety, national security, economic, and people who are ensuring continuity of functions critical to public health.

If not, maybe you are one of persons of aged 16 until 64 years old with medical conditions that has the risk for severe COVID-19.

After you know what groups are you, now, click blue button on the page “Join the Wait List!”

In addition, no matter what groups are you, make sure that you are sign up so you can receive notifications from the site about upcoming vaccination opportunities.