One of the best way to stop the spreading of Covid-19 virus around the world is to do the vaccination for all people in every country.

No doubt if this way needs a lot of time and money.

But, as long as the government and citizen always trust and work with each other, this action may reduce the spread of the virus.

In the United States, especially in Kane County, Illinois, the vaccination process for their workforce and citizens is going to fully committed and starting to serve the community. (www.kanehealth.com)

For that, be announced officially on Thursday by Kane County government, the new mass vaccination site called as KaneVax Hub will be open to public on Friday. (camptonhills.illinois.gov/kane-county-mass-vaccination-site-batavia/)

Like other mass vaccination, KaneVax will help everyone for setting-up their vaccine appointment for the Covid-19 vaccination.

Through that website, you can see and read many helpful links, for example the vaccine that you will receive – based on the day you go to do vaccination – or even some papers or fact sheet that you have to fill for your registration.

Anyway, for the fact sheet itself, it will be in dual languages, both in English or Spanish.

And those kind of rules applies to every type of vaccine fact sheet that you will choose.

Additionally, other important information that you can get through KaneVax.org site are their up-to-date news related to the Covid-19 virus, call center links, and their phone number as well.

According to NBC Chicago article - www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/batavia-covid-vaccine-how-to-sign-up-for-an-appointment-at-the-kane-vax-hub/2465824/, the Kane vaccination will be located at 501 N. Randall Road, Batavia, where it was formerly be known as a Sam’s Club store.

The vaccination process will be open from Tuesdays until Saturdays, start at 8 a.m to 8 p.m.

But, of course, that condition will depend on the vaccine supply itself.

So, if you had already making an appointment with KaneVax.org, well, you have to pay attention to their timetable.

Furthermore, the official said that for now, only the priority groups will receive the vaccine, from 1A, 1B, and 1B+.

To see which groups that you belong to, just go to their website.

And another important things that you have to know is every vaccine has different timetable for everyone to vaccinate.

For Moderna vaccine, you can have it on Friday (19/03), Saturday (20/03), Thursday (25/03). Friday (26/03), and Saturday.

But, for Pfizer vaccine, only available on Tuesday (23/03) and Wednesday (24/03).

Don’t be worried about your date if it is not be the one that available on above, because officials said that they will make new appointments every week based on the vaccine supply.

So, if you want to book your appointment, just go to www.KaneVax.org site right now.

If you need any assistance about making an appointment for your vaccination, you can go through their contact information such as KaneVax phone, Illinois Vaccine Appointment Call Center, or even the Illinois’ Guidance for Covid-19.