If you are looking for the community service that has project for checking the appointment of COVID-19 vaccine in such easier way, well, you must go to find a shot website on

This portal will provide the service for seeing what pharmacies that still available all across the nation.

Today, the site is quickly spread and scaled nationwide even though before it’s only started in Texas.

In short words, rather than spending your busy time with searching on each of pharmacy’s website in the state, just use their automatically scan system to show what vaccine place which more near from your address.

As a founding member of NCC or National COVID Collective that help people for finding their appointments, they collaborate with any other famous volunteer websites as well like site and portal.

Run by volunteers, this website actually doesn’t provide medical advice.

And according to its official website, they say that the information on the web doesn’t guarantee that anyone can book their appointment.

Or, doesn’t mean that you are eligible to receive the vaccine.

If you need medical advice, you can contact and consult a medical professional directly.

Because of portal is volunteer site, so you can support it by yourself with be the volunteer on it.

If you like to be one of their volunteer, you can try and be an outreach volunteer or give the pharmacy contacts.

By become one of their outreach volunteers, you can help to promote through social media, local news outlets, vaccine hunter on Facebook groups or other important channels too.

But, if you want to give the pharmacy contacts, you can help them to get more stable and reliable access to the pharmacy appointment availability.

Furthermore, if you have any other skills and pleased to be volunteer, please contact them at

So, to start for searching the appointments of COVID-19 vaccine that near you, scroll down the first page of the site.

Enter your Zip-Code.

Select your states in the country.

Or, you can scroll down on the box to search your Zip-Code and state.

Then, click “Find appointments near me” green button for finding the location of an appointment which near with your address right now.

There are some tips to find your vaccine appointment, according to the website.

First, you must check back your appointments day often because as more vaccines date are shipped, the appointments become loaded in the provider’s system.

Second, take initiative to find your vaccine locations that near with your address because not all the vaccine locations are covered by this site.

You can use your state’s portal for finding the local health department that eligible in your state.

Third, be attention to your eligibility status by use and find out that in your local health department portal.

Remember, that every state has different rules to determine the status of their residents.

Fourth, be patient for your turn because of course the government will be so busy to bring enough vaccines for all citizens in the country.

Last but not least, take care of yourself by always wear a mask and obey social distance wherever you are, no matter it’s before and after you are getting the vaccine.

Those both way will protect not only you but also other people who have not yet gotten the COVID-19 vaccine.

So, let’s help each other by spread and share this to someone else, especially for people who are eligible to receive this COVID-19 vaccine.