Epiclootboxsettlement Com

If you are one of the Fortnite or Rocket League game users, well, you must really curious about epiclootboxsettlement.com site.

Especially, if you are living in the United States.

There are rumors among gamers that they can get virtual cash from this website from February 25th until July 1st.

So, it must be frustrated for many gamers about is it true or not?

Or, is the website scam or legit?

Well, before that, you should know what truly the site is.

For your information, the epiclootboxsettlement.com website is a place where the players can exchange their in-game currency – which is commonly used in the game – to be redeemed or claimed.

If you are in the territory of the United States right now and get the problems about the transaction, just take opportunity to participate and take action in this Class Action Settlement.

Of course, this opportunity seems so delicious for players, especially for them who got random loot boxes items and was failed before processing the transaction through Fortnite Epic Games.

In www.scam-detector.com/epic-loot-box-settlement/ short words, this website is so useful for players to claim and spend their money then use it again to buy some other items in the games.

So, start your claims by go into their official website right now.

File your “Claim Form” first by select the game that you play before.

On the page, choose one of the button, Fortnite or Rocket League.

To file your “Claim Form,” first, you can send it by email.

Through this online way, you will be asked about the Claimant, Parent or Guardian, Game Account(s), and other purchase information like date, price, and item.

Also, you need to describe how you have been harmed or damaged your real money purchase(s) – if you are seeking a refund of a virtual currency purchase.

And, why that harm or damage entitles you to benefits.

Finally, you must upload your documents to prove your claim.

Remember that those documents will not be returned to you anymore and only valid if you are following formats with no larger than 20MB per file in jpeg, jpg, doc, docx, png, gif, tif, tiff, pdf, txt, rtf, or zip.

And the form must be submitted separately between Fortnite purchases and Rocket League purchases.

Second way to file your Claim Form is by using Mail Post.

Just download a copy of the Claim Form that they have.

Read them slowly and carefully.

Fill the form out completely and attach the document that they want.

Send that completed Claim Form to their Settlement Administrator in Portland.

You can find their complete address through their official website.

But, remember, all of those Claim Forms must be postmarked or electronically submitted by April 26th, 2021.

If you have any questions about their works or anything else about the claim process, just contact them as soon as possible.

Because of its benefits, many worried questions are coming.

Is it true that the website is that useful, or it’s just another scam or legit web?

For your information, the settlement itself is so real.

However, you must be careful about the cyber criminals that used the messages and created fake sending portals.

They want to provide your personal information by ask “prove your identity.”

And while this settlement from epiclootboxsettlement.com only for US players, many scammers will claim that anyone can make a claim on.

So, if you want to claim in real, go into their official website directly.