Creates by Kelly Rose Sarno, Declansminingco is place for sharing all of her facets, crystals, and energy products in one particular portal.

On this site, you can get and make your favorite items such as your own bracelet with precious crystals/jewelry/stones materials from their store.

Through her blog, she says that you can have your own individual items by stacks and compile the unique stones/crystals/jewelry into one spot by using your own style.

Furthermore, they always update and change their charts and buckets, so you don’t have to worry anymore if you suddenly run out of ideas about making your own special stuffs.

In there, you will see many beautiful combinations of items that can inspire you.

If you go through the official website, Kelly Rose Sarno sells a lot of products such as Crystals and Energy, Sunday Launch, Jewelry, Declan’s Mining Co., Stack of The Week, and also Rustic Shelves.

Like other products, Declan’s Mining Co. bucket is also for you who want to build your own bundle by use their collections.

You can match up and creates your own style.

This can be challenging for you to make charts and choose what stones that right for your bundle, but through her video will help you to recognize the stones.

For knowing what stones that you can choose in this bucket, just go to their website and find your own.

Buckets that we are talking about are blue bucket chart, red bucket with no sticker chart, holiday bucket chart, and halloween edition chart.

For each of those Declan’s mining bucket, you will see a lot of amazing kind of stones that can make your favorite bundle looks so beautiful.

For example, in the halloween edition charts, you can choose bloodstone, amazonite, agate, moonstone, kyanite, red jasper, or sodalite, and many more.

In the holiday bucket charts - , one of the stones such as black tourmaline, carnelian, amethyst, iolite, green calcite, rainbow fluorite, and others, can make your bundle more gorgeous.

Or, you can choose other beautiful stones from the blue bucket charts or red bucket – no sticker charts.

Not only interesting, but this Declan’s Mining Co. bucket can be the best educating games for your kids.

You can give them this bucket – other than just smartphone/gadget – to train their skills or brain creativity.

For that, here the items from Declan’s Mining Co. products (

  • Everett’s Geode for $8.00
  • Lucy’s Loot – Fossil Pack for $12.00
  • Kids Starter Pack only for $25.00
  • Declan’s Dino Dig at $25.00
  • Declan’s Refill Bag at $35.00
  • Nightmare Bundle only $45.00
  • Declan’s Mining Bucket around $48.00
  • Declan’s Mining Party from $80.00

For more information, you can go to their Instagram @declansminingco or Tiktok profile @declansminingco right now.

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