If you have been asked about what is the popular game all around the world nowadays, absolutely, you will say the Roblox game.

Different from other ordinary games that you usually play, this kind of game using an in-game currency which called as Robux.

This currency is useful for buying accessories and cosmetics so that your character in the game can be grown.

Because of this currency issue is very important, there are various ways that you can do to earn Robux.

One of the most popular ways on the late couple days for getting that currency is to go through the website.

This site claims that they can give premium currency for only if the players follow some simple steps.

It seems so delicious because as you know the price of Robux on Roblox itself is so expensive.

So, the “free currencies” options like that looks so great for some users to gain their free Robux.

If you are one of that “curious people”, well, just look into these steps right down below.

  • Make sure that your device such as laptop, PC, or smartphone is already connected to the internet.
  • Open your browser and go to their official portal, on website.
  • But for now, the address has already changed and will redirect you to another portal, called as land website -
  • Then, tap on the blue button “sign-up” for joining five million gamers out there.
  • To earn your free points, just download the mobile applications and games that they offer.
  • Or, watch some short videos from their website.
  • Or, sometimes you have to answers some surveys on the page.
  • Or, enter to their daily promo codes and giveaways.
  • After fulfill your mission, now, you can cash-out your points (earned points) into your Roblox account.

For another alternative portal, go to website -

Tap the blue button “Click Here to Claim” on the page.

Then you will find a new address on your page,

Type your Roblox username in the box that shows on the page.

Click red button “Continue” for continuing your process.

And follow their instruction to gain your free Robux.

But, as usual, before going further to your points claiming, you have to find more information about their authentic for your ultimate safety surfing.

Originally debuted in United States just couple months ago, website looks so legit than to be very much true to be trusted.

This site only has 1% of trust score ( and it doesn’t has any reviews about them from their customers or users on any platform. (

And for your information, according to article, the itself is the latest spam links that popped up in the last weeks where the other similar spam links had already go into the internet.

Both of them were, and

So, if you are one of the Roblox users or gamers, you have to be careful about this issue.

If you want to earn free Robux, maybe some other options can be the best choices for you.

For example, follow the Microsoft rewards program, or prepare creative job like make clothing or even creates another Roblox game.