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Today, many people more prefer to open Google via their smartphone or laptop rather than have to search any information that they need from classic sources like books.

For that, we can say that the internet world is not anti-mainstream anymore for almost all people in this planet.

You can find a lot of things in there, of course, based on what information that you want to search.

From news, entertainment, sports, movies, music, documenter, and many more.

Even for some people, learning and studying something on internet are easier than reading books.

That’s why, online learning looks so effective and highly efficient for method of studying.

And along with that, innovation in cloud technologies for cloud platforms like Google Cloud, AWS or Microsoft Azure are bringing great opportunities for anyone who want to get degree through online education.

Not only so effective in time and space, but this kind of learning also give countless benefits for institutions and students or learners as well.

Lower fees, flexible location, also free choosing for your course and time schedule of learn are some of a lot of their benefits that should be your consideration.

Based on the article from earnyourbusinessdegreeonline .com website, now and in the near future, in North America alone, e-Learning industry itself will constitute $120 billion by 2025 or 40% of the market.

It seems like this educational format will no longer be a second alternative than traditional education.

There are some universities that already provide the online degree (in this term, for example – business degree) through online learning, and one of them is Herzing University.

According to geolocation.ws website, the university has been announced that they will relocate their Kenosha campus to downtown Kenosha to make students from Southeast Wisconsin can attend the nonprofit school with modern learning environment and more spacious area for learning.

Another university like NYU Tandon School of Engineering also has their first online master’s degree in digital media program.

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