Western Union Money Order Cost

The concept of money order is similar with a check.

It allows you to send a specified amount of cash to someone else by writing her/his name on that paper.

This method can be a very good solution for you, specially, if you don’t have any bank or checking account or someone who will receive your money doesn’t have too.

One of the best company that offer this service is the Western Union.

With more than 200 countries outside USA and 43,000 agent locations in the country itself, you can use it for sending your money, paying your bills, making a purchase, and giving your gift to someone else with such an easy way.

Another benefit is its more secure than cash or even checks, because they will not include your bank information in there.

And for that, the money order is more difficult to steal.

So, how’s the step?

Just go to Western Union website(https://www.westernunion.com/us/en/money-order.html), and click on “Send Money” menu on the page.

For online, fill the form in there, and pay your costs whether via credit card or debit card.

Or, you can go to one of their branch or agent location.

Fill out your data information, sign the form and give it to the receiver.

Keep your receipt until your money order has been received.

And now, how much does the money order cost?

In Western Union itself, money order costs will depend on where you are sending your cash and how you are paying it.

If you pay online using your credit or debit card, maybe it will be costs less than if you pay in cash in person at their agent or branch location.

Try to see the price estimator on their website to help you how many it will cost.

Remember, if you want to send your money to someone else who stays in the other country, you must know the exchange rate.

It means that Western Union will based the transfer on the exchange rate by using convert currency for your costs.

For example, if you want to send money to the United Kingdom, you must know that 1.00 USD is similar with 0.752710 GBP.

So, if you send 500.00 USD through pay in-store, which fee cost is at 9.00 USD, you must pay 509.00 USD in-total and they will receive 383.053 GBP.

But, if you choose pay online option, you can use credit card which fee 14.99 USD, debit card only 2.99 USD, through bank account, and wire transfer too.

For more, you can see your fee cost on their website in Send Money option.