RPPL Dream Job

With the pandemic of Covid 19 hitting the world very hard, many people will most likely lose their job and currently looking for the new one. To cope with the situation, many institutions and startups try to give help by providing consultation, education, work, and networking accessible. One of them is the RPPL dream Job. What is it? Here is your answer.

Who Are They?

The medical field is not an easy passion to go beyond. There are tons of things that you will need to learn before you follow your passion in this field. Especially, if you are moved by the current situation of the covid 19 pandemics. Those who have a passion for this field can learn and discover their path by joining the RPPL.

For your information, RPPL is a startup that was discovered and founded by the University of Virginia. The focus is to provide education and learning in this field for everyone with the same passion. It contributes to education and networking between experts or professionals that is accessible to all. The platform also provides information to help you discover your real passion. 

The Aims

The aim of the site is very clear, which is to provide help for any people that love the medical world. In this case, you can say that the RPPL dream Job will be very helpful for the medicine or the medical students. Considering how education and many jobs are highly affected by the corona condition, the website does provide tons of help. 

The Function Of The Website

So, how can it help students? The first thing that can be the answer will be information sharing. Everyone can learn and talk about medical related topics, such as neurology, cardiology, anesthesiology, viruses, etc. All of the information and learning are provided by experts and professionals.

The delivery is pretty much varying. You can find some videos and meet many industry leaders. At the same time, an RPPL dream job also helps you discover your medical path. You can find your real passion and decide on the pre-med, medical school, and residency options. It is also available as a smartphone app, which you can download and install for more information or news.

With the concern of losing jobs and passion in certain areas, RPPL provides a bridge in the form of the website to connect professionals and you. Mainly for the medical focus, it gifts information, learning, and helps discover your path to follow your passion. It facilitates conversation between the experts and professionals that is available on the website through many media.