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As one of the best company in revenue cycle providers, Xtend Healthcare has long history in its industry.

Until today, there are more than 700 revenue cycle professionals that they have which located in three service centers such as in Muncie, Nashville, and Irving.

For helping all of their customers, they have professional team who already has many experiences, amazing knowledge, and expertise to make Xtend Healthcare keep on top position among other healthcare revenue cycle providers.

Big goal on the revenue cycles industry are to give solution provider for many hospitals (or critical-access hospital), hospital academic medical centers, and healthcare organization in all 50 states in United States.

Some solutions that they deliver for all of their beloved customers are to provide the third-party insurance follow-up, codding issues, self-pay collections, CDI, A/R analytics, partial and full revenue cycle outsourcing, and also give consulting services.

For more, they support conversion-legacy resolution, denial and appeals management, also for building the CBO or Central Business Office and designing it for their customers.

In conclusions, their solutions are to improve the client workflows, enhance cash flows and collection rates, and surely to reduce client accounts receivable backlogs too.

If you are curious about their missions, yes, they give many innovative solutions, insights with personalized and compassion services for all of their customers.

To maximize their net revenue collection, they focus on clinical and financial interoperability for all of clients.

Through those comprehensive services, they have collected more than billions of dollars to give their clients chance for continuing deliver community commitments.

You can read all of their revenue cycle services right on the Xtend Healthcare website.

If you have many questions about them, you can contact their team right now on Contact Us menu on Xtend Healthcare website directly.