Feelflyingone Puzzle

Almost all children in the world love puzzle game.

And surprisingly, the teenager even adults too.

Not only for fun, but the puzzle game also can be a gift that will surprise your lovely one.

It will be stayed on their memory forever for giving such the unique gift like this one.

So, for that “unique” concept, it should take unique puzzle too for making your gift is different from other puzzles, right?

That’s why, Feelflyingone Puzzle is there for you.

These puzzle are not just a general puzzle, but they are a wooden puzzle.

You can feel every inch pattern of puzzles in your hands.

The color painted itself is so bright.

For example, when you choose the puzzle which has an oak leaf in its design, your fingers even can feel all of the grooves in there as well.

And now imagine, what if you have many more amazing figures like wolf, owl, eagle or lion?

Or wonderful forest and the gigantic space?

It will be a magic gift for you and your lovely one.

So, how many products that they have and the price?

Some of their products have similar price after sale off, only $28,06 from its original price at $50,11.

Those products are Butterfly, Cat, Chameleon, Doodle Dragon, Dragon, Eagle, Fish, Fox, Lion, Lion-B, Lynx, Owl, Unicorn, and Wolf Wooden Puzzle.

For others like Wooden Puzzle with size about 15 x 21 cm with selected options to choose, its only $29,99 after sale.

The similar price also for Australia Puzzle, Europe Puzzle, Flower Fairy Puzzle, Space Puzzle Sets, Zodiac Puzzle, and The Planets puzzle like Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter Puzzle.

All of those puzzle have 1000 pieces in a box.

But for vary puzzle like Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle (size M) and Wooden Landscape Puzzle with many selected options to choose, the price is about $37,08.

Moreover, if you buy three kind of puzzles, you can enjoy a 10% off sale.

And, if you buy four puzzles and more, get a 15% off sale for sure.

There is free shipping option too if you buy over $39.

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