Feelflyingone Puzzle

With the popularity of games surging during the covid 19 pandemics, you can say that the kinds of puzzle games also steal the spotlight. Taking this chance, tons of websites offer a generous number of puzzle products at more affordable prices. It includes the feelflyingone puzzle. The site is convincing enough to bring many buyers, but is it legit? Here is the answer.

What Is This Website?

On the surface, you can tell that feelflyingone.com does looks like a real platform that sells many puzzle products. What makes it more fascinating and worth buying is the products are made of wood. Thus, making the puzzle appear unique, more vibrant, and have better durability. You can even buy many puzzles at a cheap price and send them to your door.

The collections are also pretty much varying. From the aesthetic pictures of nature, animals, to the series of colorful products with different themes, Such as European puzzles, flowers, zodiac, planets, and many more. The price? Surprisingly, the platform offers a high discount that cut down almost 50% of the price. It makes the $50 puzzle offered for $28. 

Is It Legit?

The explanation makes it sound legit, right? But does feelflyingone puzzle real? Unfortunately, many proofs make it suspect as a scam website. Mainly for the website that offers you shopping options with high discounts for great quality products. Of course, you should suspect something is not right. Indeed, it is a suspicious website after all.

The Prove And Questionable Things

The first thing that makes it suspicious is the lack of information regarding the company. In the about us direction of the website, there is no single information about the address, phone, social media, or anything. Just a single email that hardly gives help is available. The discount and the sales are also unreal if you put it logically.

It is too good to be true, which makes the website appear more suspicious to trust. You can also find the feelflyingone puzzle on other online marketplaces such as amazon. But from the products they sell, you can find more negative reviews that come in the form of poor customer complaints, delivery, cheap quality product, etc. That is why the web is hard to believe.

So, you can say that the surging popularity of this website comes from the many convincing discounts and offers in it. Even more, the website provides high-quality products such as wooden puzzles that are fun and unique. But unfortunately, the website shows a shortcoming that leads them to the suspicion of scam. You can find the proof by the mostly negative reviews in its products.