Ears Anvil Daily Themed Crossword

According to the title which said “Ears Anvil”, it definitely means for the clue crossword answer in the one of the famous crossword game today, The Daily Themed Crossword.

The answer for this crossword clue is “INCUS”.

Not only in Daily Themed Crossword, but also sometimes, you can see the same question in another crosswords game.

So hopefully, this answer is helpful for you.

By the way, for you who doesn’t have any knowledge about the Daily Themed Crossword game that we are talking about, you must read the information about the game, first.

There are some different between this game and other crossword games.

If other crossword games have limited game theme, the Daily Themed Crossword game has unlimited themed to choose.

You can choose your own game theme from variety range of topics from Architecture, Sports, History, Movies, Games, and many more.

Through your Android phone, you can access this hundreds of puzzles in a game in anytime and anywhere.

Like many other crossword puzzle games, this Daily Themed Crossword has so many benefit for you.

Not only for fun, but also for training your brain to solve some problems with such a brilliant way.

Other important reasons of why you should install this game in your Android device are because this game can increase your general knowledge and your vocabulary as well.

If you are curious about what is the feature, here we give the lists:

  • The game theme will be changed every day. Happy for that.
  • So fun puzzles game to be played.
  • Access new puzzle game every day throughout a year.
  • Choose your own favorite game theme.
  • If you are playing the game routine each day, you can get some rewards.
  • When you are getting hard in one puzzle, try “hint” option to help you to pass that game.
  • Learn a lot of new words, discoveries, information, personalities, even events while playing the game.

Additionally, this game is free so you can become a master solver of this crossword game without worried to spend your own money.