Corpse Husband Cologne

Corpse husband is not exactly “someone husband corpse” but this is a content name of one of the most popular faceless YouTubers on internet.

With his contents like creating also narrating Let’s Play and many horror stories video on YouTube, recently, he becomes famous and YouTube’s sensation.

Especially, when he began to create and stream content on the video game like Among Us streams, Corpse Husband is dominating the charts.

That’s why, everything that he confesses on internet will become popular immediately.

More than that, the mysterious persona that he has can make all of his fans always eager to know more about his personal life -

As such, it’s not surprised when he finally revealed that he wears eyeliner, Corpse Husband gets trending for short.

And if you are one of the Twitter active users, maybe you already know that in the past few weeks, the #CorpseWearsEyeliner hashtags had become trending in there.

For example, just see on his latest sensation which is about “eyeliner”.

Yes, his eyeliner!

The confession that he wears eyeliner during a recent video stream on his channel make a whole world wide web is melting down right away.

Because of that, many fans are starting to know more about his other personal things, like for example, his cologne.

But unfortunately, above all of his story and chats on his private social media @Corpse_Husband such as Twitter or Instagram, he still mysterious and elusive.

So, we still don’t know about what cologne that he wears.

If you are so curious about that, just follow his social media or YouTube channel.

Maybe one day, he will reveal his personal daily life for all of his beloved followers.