Corpse Husband Cologne

The Internet is full of bizarre stories, information, and things. It includes those people that become sensational due to the other user's enthusiasm. One of them is the famous YouTuber and streamer persona, Corpse Husband. He has recently become a hot topic on the internet due to the Corpse Husband cologne hilarious sensation. Here are the things that you should know.

Who Is Corpse Husband

So, who is this guy that makes the world run out of certain cologne? He is one of the many of America's YouTubers and streamers that has become a hit in recent years. He is a 23 years old man that has signatures of his charming deep voice and faceless content. His popularity surges up as he plays Among us and reaches up to 7 million subscribers.

Apparently, his fanatic fans do pay attention to whatever he shares with the community. This time, it was about the cologne that ended up with interesting outcomes. In his Instagram post, he appears quite annoyed that people hunt the cologne and make it sold out. Thus, ending up with him unable to get one and need to get a new fragrance.

What Is The Cologne?

The reveal of the corpse husband cologne is an old product called Givenchy Pi Neo. What makes it interesting is that the cologne was discontinued but it is still available in the market. It is because it was crafted and developed in 2008, making it quite rare to find. And now it becomes rarer and most likely gone.

The cologne contains cedar and myrtle heart notes. There are also the base notes of patchouli, with the top notes of mandarin orange and bergamot. Fragrance-wise, many memes and posts say it has a strong masculine feel on it. It also evokes sensations of high-tech adventure, which is said to be perfect for the Corpse's mysterious persona.

The Unexpected Effect For The Information

It is not only about the sold-out phenomenon, but after Corpse appears with his Instagram account post, memes and responses are flooding. Most of them are hilarious. You can tell that the mysterious man doesn't expect that the Corpse Husband cologne will make a big buzz. He also mentions that he will change to the new one since he can't get the cologne anymore.

The fans of this mysterious persona are known for their enthusiasm. Whatever Corpse share or say, will always fawn the fanatic fans. In this case, the bottle of favorite cologne of Corpse makes its way to excitement. Upon knowing Corpse wears the discontinued Givenchy Pi Neo, in a mere a week the cologne is sold out. No one can get it anymore, including Corpse.