Ultron R8 Pro Price in Nepal

With the fierce competition in the smartphone market, you might find some highly known brands in it. But in Nepal, one name is kept on raising its popularity despite being inferior to the other famous Brand. Namely, Ultron R8 Pro, the phone that is quality and loved by Nepal. But how much is Ultron R8 Pro price in Nepal and why is it loved? Here is the answer.

The High Tech Specification

One thing that pretty much set the phone grade is always the specification. In this case, you can tell that the phone may not be created by big names in the market. Yet its specification aspects are pretty powerful. Ultron R8 at least follows along with the trend of camera module enhancement, which is found in many other brands of smartphone.

Ultron R8 pro comes with a quad-core camera module with a total of 71 MP cameras. That is amazing, especially with the big 6.4-inch AMOLED screen. That is enough to make the phone display better to look at. On the backside of the phone, you will find four cameras that consist of 48 MP, 13 MP, 8 MP, and 2 MP lenses.

On the other side (in front), you also find a powerful single selfie camera with high tech 24 MP lens. Considering the high quality of camera modules, you can say that the Ultron R8 Pro price in Nepal is justified. It is not too expensive but also not too cheap for a somewhat good photography-heavy smartphone.

But the highlight of the phone also shows the high specification for its performance. Despite not being a big name, Ultron has packed QUALCOMM snapdragon 730G with a 2.2 GHz CPU speed. The RAM is 6 GB with an octa core processor and 128 GB storage. Believe it or not, that spec is still very powerful and appropriate for gaming nowadays.

The So So Pricing

There are many things that you can consider about the pricing and availability of Ultron R8 pro. The cool looking and hefty camera is now available in Nepal. For the pricing, the basic value of the phone is still around 16,000+ NPR. The Ultron R8 Pro price in Nepal is pricey. But based on BuyMymobile.com, you can get it for around 5,300 NPR to 7,300 NPR now.

You have to underline that famous brands will demand a higher price. But of course, you will get the same performance. However, in this case, Ultron R8 comes with not so bad specifications for around 5,300 NPR to 7,300 NPR. That was the discount, which supposedly has a basic price of about 16,000+ NPR.