Realme C50 Price in Bangladesh ?

In July 2020, another big player in the smartphone world made an uproar in Bangladesh. Realme, as one of the bigger contenders in this market, released a brand new smartphone with high specification. The original X50 basic was released in January 2020 in china, but Bangladeshi still love this phone. How good and what is the Realme X50 price in Bangladesh?

The Specification

The phone is already old enough (released in 2020), yet the specification is on the high-tech side. All in all, the phone comes with great performance that is suitable for gaming and daily usage. The phone itself has supported the 5G that replaces the older generation with a better and faster connection.

The phone itself is considered beastly for multitasking and gaming. It is due to the Adreno 620 GPU that topped up with 6 to 8 GB RAM. The phone has a chipset Qualcomm SDM 765 Snapdragon 765G with octa-core and android 10. The build is also satisfying with a 6.57 inch IPS LCD screen that is accompanied by a 120Hz refresh rate.

Another thing to note is the camera module performance that is also top-notch. There is an interesting line up of cameras in this phone. On its back, the primary camera comes with four lenses (48 MP, 8 Mp, and 2 MP cameras). On the front, there is one single powerful selfie camera with a 16 MP lens. Both are powerful enough topped with some features for high-quality pictures. 

The Pricing

Is it available in Bangladesh? It is good news that the Realme X50 has been available for a long time. Approximately, the phone reaches this country on July 2020 release. During that time, you can get the basic X50 with a 3G connection. But after a long time, you can get the newer version with the 5G connection that demands higher pricing.

The base Realme X50 Price in Bangladesh is about 20.000 BDT. That is only the approximation, but as the 5G surfacing, it replaces the base X50. It comes with a similar specification, with the changes only on the connection. You can get this newer version in Bangladesh with the price of about ৳23,500 to ৳28,500. There is also the pro version that has some improvement in it.

Considering how good the phone is, you can tell that there is nothing wrong with holding dear this phone. Bangladeshi loves this phone due to the high specification, cameras, and rather an acceptable price. With a budget of about ৳23,500 to ৳28,500, buying this phone is not a bad choice. It might be old, but the performance is not outdated.