Ranar Bike Price In Bangladesh 2020 ?

When it comes to a motorbike, everyone will choose performance. 

In the case of Bangladesh, one of the biggest love for local motorbikes went to the Runner motorcycle. 

The Bangladeshi motorcycle brand offers different kinds of products from scooters to Vespa. 

For you who are looking for the Runner Automobile Limited (RAL) products, here is the price.

Some Of The Products Of Runner Bike In Bangladesh

  1. E-Wave Series 

The e-Wave series is the electronic scooter product with the most affordable price of all. 

The series consists of three options, mainly the eWave ECO that has a 72V 20ah lead-acid battery type with the price around TK. 71,000. 

There is also the eWave electrica that has a more modern look with the price of Tk.75,000. 

And lastly is the highest trim eWave Voltage priced around TK 85,000.  

  1. Runner Knight Rider 

The knight rider series are the top ones.

With the price ranges around 135,000 BDT to 146,000 BDT, the bike offers better and stronger performance with its 150cc machine. 

The series itself comes with two trims, the basic knight rider, and the V2. 

Upon its riding, the bike has a top speed of 120 km/h and a mileage of approximately 45 Km/I.

  1. Runner Bullet Series 

Runner bullet series comes as the middle list of the whole Runner bike line up. 

The bike trims are available as the basic and the V2 trim. 

The pricing is around BDT 95,000 to BDT 99,000, which is due to the 100 cc machine. 

It is a mid-range product that still one of the best. 

It can reach an approximate top speed of around 90 Km/h with the mileage around 50 km/I.

Those products are just some of the line up by Runner Automobile Limited (RAL). 

The local manufacturer's concern produces different capacities of motorcycles and scooters, with different machines and prices. 

If you consider the prices, the ranges are not that significant. 

Which means you can buy according to your likes and needs or preferences.