Ranar Bike Price In Bangladesh 2020 ?

It is a big asset to have a bike in Bangladesh. In this case, to get the best of it, you can say that the performance will be the number one factor to take note. For the Bangladeshi, one of the most well-known local motorbikes will be the runner motorcycle. Also called as Runner Automobile limited (RAL), how much does the runner bike price in Bangladesh 2020? Here is the answer.

Some Of The Popular Product Of RAL

  1. Knight Rider

Considered as the top or the most popular one, the Runner knight rider series proposes manly appearance that fits with its performance. The bike offers a better enactment with its strong 150cc machine that has 120 km top speed and 45 km/I mileage. The series also come in two types of trims, the V2 and the basic. The price starts from around 135,000 BDT to 146,000.

  1. E-Wave Series

The e-wave series is designed as the electronic scooter with better energy consumption. It comes with three different rims, the e-wave voltage, e-wave electrica, and e-wave Eco. The pricing list starts from 71,000 BDT to 85,000 BDT. The plus point of his series is the price and the 72v 20ah lead acid battery type and the more modern looking design.

  1. Bullet Series

Bullet series will be one of the middle tier series from runner automobile limited. The runner bike price in Bangladesh 2020 will be around 95,000 BDT to 99,000 BDT. Considered as affordable, but the bike is quite powerful. It is packed with a 100cc machine that can reach 90 km/h top speed with the mileage up to 50 km/I. It is still one of the best in the mid –range class.

  1. Renegade series

For the more looks, the renegade series will be the top tier. Appearance wise, the bike adopts the low ride Harley Davidson style of design. It is a full cruiser bike with strong performance due to its 150 cc machine. It can reach 110 km/h top speed with 5 speed synchromesh manual gearbox. It come with two trims, the commando trim is around TBD 240,000 while the sport one is 250,000 TBD. 

As one of the biggest local motorbike brands, you can tell that RAL really does get over its limit. There are many more types of bikes that you can find from this company. Most of them are designed for performance, which makes most of them look manly. Due to the local production, you can expect that the price is a tad bit more affordable for Bangladeshi.