Nokia X100 Price in Oman

If the smartphone market is full of big names such as Samsung or iPhone, then you should not forget about Nokia. The former monster of the phone is considered as one of the biggest contenders. But unfortunately, there is a lack of newer updates regarding the Smartphone from Nokia. Except for the rumor of the brand new x100. Is it real? Here is what you should note.

What We Expect From X100

When talking about expectations, then you will need a baseline of what you want. In this case, let's take a look at the previous release of the Nokia X71. The older Nokia X71 has a quite good specification that is hard to say it wasn't worth the OMR 144 price tag. With that phone in mind, now let's start with the expectation.

Based on the newer trend and the older phone, it is appropriate to want the x100 to come with a monstrous spec. at least it should have more than 32 Gb storage with 4000+ mAh battery capacity. The ram should be around 6 or 8 GB that supports many usages, including the heavy-duty gaming experience.

Considering the rising popularity of gaming, then you can also expect at least a Snapdragon 675 chipset. Along with it, it should have an Andreno GPU and a beautiful screen. All in all, there are more smartphones in this current generation that have that specification as the lower or entry-level. If Nokia wants to step up its progress, then they need more than that.

Other than the specification, Nokia also has to join the camera module enhancement movement. It is part of the newer trend that smartphones have the powerful camera modules that are as good as DSLR. We can hope the phone will come with 60+ MP cameras that consist of 64MP, 16MP, 8MP, and 5MP main cameras. There is also a 16 or more MP selfie camera at the front. 

The Pricing Expectation

How about the price? Considering how monstrous the specification is, then you may have to spend more than 290 EUR on the smartphone. But it will be worth the phone anyway. Especially, if the Nokia X100 does have the said expectation and become on par with the newer generation of flagship smartphones. 

Unfortunately, there is no proper information regarding the rumored Nokia x100. Not even Nokia says anything about the product, but there are more leaks and information you found on the internet. It was expected that the X100 will be the younger sibling of the Nokia X71, which already has beastly specs and price. That is why you might have to wait for more information.