Nokia X100 Price in Oman

Once again the internet is blown with the rumor of Nokia brand new phone, the X100. 

With the many leaks and ideas here and there, many people are starting to have a big expectation regarding the phone. 

Unfortunately, there is no proper confirmation from Nokia about it. 

If you reside in Oman, maybe this sneaks a peek will help you quench your thirst for information.

Specification And What It Got

Let's start with the expectation regarding the specification. 

Since the name has X on it, you can expect that the phone is the younger sibling of the Nokia X71 phone. 

According to the older phone and the newer trend, it can be said that you can expect a stronger product. 

Let's say the very much 60+MP cameras module, or even more than 100+ MP. 

It is not something impossible in these modern days since many smartphones come with quadrant cameras or two selfie lens. 

So, let's hope that the X100 can pack 64MP + 8MP + 5MP rare and a high 16MP front cameras. 

Since almost anything went digital, hopefully, X100 also add NFC, a newer version of Bluetooth, and many more.


The Performance And Pricing

Going deep inside the specification, X100 should be able to join the current market if it has high tech in it. 

For instance, at least the Snapdragon 675 chipset, Andreno GPU, 6 or 8 GB RAM, with 128 or more ROM, and many more. 

The phone will gain many customers who love gaming. 

There is no information about the price, but it might more than 290 EUR.

If you consider the rise of the mobile game trend, there is no doubt that bumping up the performance is a must. 

But on the other hand, some smartphone giants also keep on increasing their phone cameras technologies. 

So, you can expect the X100 with monstrous specs. 

Since there is no official confirmation, Oman, you should prepare for this upcoming smartphone.