HDL Share Price ?

In India, HDIL or Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited are one of many listed real estate development company. 

The company established in 1996 is considered as the small-cap company with a market cap around Rs 201,45 Crore. 

Unfortunately, the company is currently undergoing a CIRP in the provision of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code. 

So, how much it shares price? 

The Total Land And Complexes 

If you are here, then highly possible you are interested in the investment or just curious about the current HDIL statues. 

In this case, let's talk about the featured projects and the total land. 

The number of land reserves comprise is around 124,800,00 square feet, which are saleable areas for further development. 

It also has 35 ongoing or planned projects in the area. 

Another worth to look at is the plethora of featured projects. 

Some of them are the majestic tower with four wings, six podiums, and 39 residential floors. 

It is a huge project. 

There are also some other projects, including Whispering Towers, Premier Exotica, and Residency Parks. 

Putting aside the bankruptcy aspect, the HDIL has an available IPO since July 2007.  

The Shares Prices And Investment Available 

When you considering the IPO and investment, the Economic Times Markets show that the share prices are decreasing. 

The market cap is Rs Cr. 202.40 with the book value Rs 246.27. 

The BSE live open price is around 4.40 with a bid price of 4.30 (2.100). 

While for the NSE live, the open price is the same and the bid price quantity is around 4592, and the offer price around 47399. 

In the face of bankruptcy, Mr. Abhay N Manudhane the current Resolution professional in-charge tries hard to make the company alive. 

All the projects, affairs, business, and assets are under his control. 

Considering the number of land and complexes, there is no doubt that HDIL is quite big. 

If you are interested in investment, the shareholder might get around 75 to 80 rs per share.