Freddies Corner iPhone Prices

In Ghana, people love the iPhone. 

In many cases, the smartphone giant is chosen because it has names and popularity. 

But more than that, the product itself is always never disappointing. 

One particular place to get the official and original iPhone is Freddie Corner. 

A local wholesaler of mobile phone that sells a plethora of iPhone. 

Here is the price and what they offer.

The Apple iPhones Prices And Availability

As one of the local wholesalers, you can expect that Freddies Corner offers a plethora of iPhones products. 

In this case, the online marketplace has the old 2016 iPhone 7 in stock. 

It comes with a price of around 1,050 GHS but cut with a discount for around GHS 525. 

When you need something better than it, you can get Apple iPhone 7 plus that is one level ahead.

When you are looking for the more affordable ones, then you got iPhone 6S and 6S plus that priced around GHS 400 – 500. 

At least there are 11 iPhone products you can find in this marketplace. 

With the oldest version of the iPhone 6S and the newest one is the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, you can say that the options are quite big. 

The newest one is around GHS 4,600.

Featured Categories And Accessories

Another thing that you can find in this marketplace is the featured products. 

The Freddies Corner currently opens the new iPhone 12 case collections. 

The online shop also shows the most popular product that comes as the Apple iPhone X with the price tag around GHS 1,250 to 2,500. 

You can also take a look at the other brands and mobile phone in it.   

The Freddies corner is one of the online marketplaces that offer original mobile phones. 

As a whole seller, the Ghana company sells numerous relating products and iPhones. 

The available phones are the Apple iPhone 6S, Xs Max, to the newest product the Apple iPhone 12 pro max. 

The prices also ranging from GHS 525 to GHS 4,600 that comes with a discount and many offers.