Etherium Price AUD ?

Introduced by Vitaly ‘Vitalik” Buterin in 2015, Ethereum is an open-source platform that uses the blockchain technology in its system.

This technology enable its platform to create and execute distributed applications.

Users who want to join on their platform called as smart contracts, has to have the Ethereum native currency that called as Ether or ETH.

This ETH helps to execute some transaction through the system.

Several benefits that you must know about its platform are adopt system without the third parties, and has unlimited maximum supply cap for its currency.

Because of that, surprisingly in 2014, the Ethereum project was become so successful which could be raised for more than $18 million.

After that, for many years until now, Ethereum still exist and become one of the favorite cryptocurrency platform for many people all around the world.

So why we have to trading ETH to AUD or Australian Dollar?

As you know, AUD is very popular in the forex market world.

Furthermore, AUD also one of the most currencies in the world.

One of its special feature is about it is recognized for commodity currency.

So, if you want to trade Ethereum to AUD, you must look at the price movements for the commodities specific.

According to Currency Website, Ethereum sells at 302.70 and buys at 302.99.

From the market info itself, you can see that the minimum traded quantity is about 0.01 while the margin is around 5%.

In daily change, the low position on AUD 301.88 and high at AUD 309.58.

The trading hours (UTC) itself are from Monday until Thursday at 00:00 – 22:00 pm and 22:05 – 00.00 while on Friday is about 00:00 – 22:00 and Sunday around 22:05 – 00.00.

Additionally, on that website you can see other information about other trade too such as Bitcoin to USD, or Euro to USD or even Ethereum to USD.

Moreover, on another website, like the Ethereum Price web, you can see the current price is about $635.82 and the current price for BTC is about 0.028868.

The market cap itself is around $72.16B and circulating supply about 113,421,066 ETH.

For more, read other information about the Ethereum price (AUD) right down below:

  • 24H volume at $432,300,855
  • 24H open, the Ethereum price is about $467.30
  • 24H change (%) around -1.81%
  • 24H change only -11.63
  • 24H high at $658.39
  • 24H low at $632.26

If you want to see the information about Ethereum market updates like impact of Bitcoin on the ETH markets, check the website directly

Furthermore, for your benefits, try to check the Ethereum price regularly because the price keeps changing from time to time.