Dowry And Bride Price Calculator Quiz

There is nothing wrong with trying to help calculating something important in your life, including dowry. 

In many cases, dowry or bride price come in different shapes and value. 

Some might use money or daily product, but in some regions or countries, they use livestock such as goats or cows. 

So, to make it fun, there are some quizzes you can try.

How many goats Am I Worth Quiz.

The idea behind its development is quite fun yet beneficial. 

The developer or the people behind it want to help bridge and groom to be to calculate the dowry. 

In this case, the dowry or the bride price is in the value of life goat. 

The value itself can be differ based on the girl's education, statue, work, and many more.

The quiz is available as a website portal:

You can directly access and try it. 

It works for both women and man anyway, so be prepared to answer some questions and get the inside jokes in it. 

The quiz will ask you some questions about your current jobs, favorite colors, your hobby, and some other information. 

After that, you will get the calculation.

BridePrice app

Another alternative for you who want to calculate how much your worth is the brideprice app. 

It is a Nigeria application that will help in calculating how much the groom should pay for the bride's family. 

In this case, once again you should answer some questions about skills, education, appearance, etc. 

Then the application will spit out the price with some joke twist.

All in all, the idea of the quiz and application is not that bad. 

It can be very helpful and funny at the same time. 

Joke aside the quiz can be the baseline of deciding the value. 

However, do not take the opinion or its calculation as something serious. 

It is because the price is not always accurate. 

The best answer is a negotiation.