Tebo Massage Chair NZ Price

Massage chairs are probably still very far from common in these current years. Mainly, when considering the hefty price tag it has. At the same time, there is not much information regarding new technology for massage chairs. Yet, the new Tebo Massage chair might take your interest. The relaxing full body design has stolen many New Zealand's attention. Here is what you need to note. 

The Fascinating Technology 

According to tvshop.co.nz, the product is quite new in the market. It was introduced in 2020 as the full body zero gravity shiatsu recliners. It exactly how its name implies. The spaceship-like massage chair will move with its robotic technology to put you in the best position. Then, you will get the whole body massage that fully envelopes your body. 

The main focus of the massage technology is to provide enough pressure and relaxation to your high, middle, and lower shoulder. The chair will position your body, so you can get the whole massage experience. The cool automatic technology is called an SL rail which conforms to your natural shoulder curve. Thus, the chair will not miss your sore back. 

As the full body massage, you can also expect more than just back or shoulder adjustment. Tebo claimed that users are capable of choosing the type of massage. There are some types of it, including shiatsu, Swedish massage, and Thai foot massage. The chair itself is pretty big and heavy, which means most people can and safely use it.  

Two Variance Of Full Body Massage Experience Chair   

The information taken from the official tvshop underlines two possible products that you can choose from. It was the ultimate and the elite type. Both of them have a very slightly different design, that explains the extra features and part of the chairs. The Elite model was stated to have come with 60 air cushion massagers. 

Price Tag? 

Unfortunately, the price tag is a bit vague. There is no information about the exact value, except you call directly and share your number. According to one comment on the Youtube page, it is around $12,000,000. It is on the pricey side, but the brand also offers a 50% discount with a 30-day risk-free trial. So, is it worth it? Yes, it is. And hopefully, it wasn't a scam. 

Surprisingly, there is not enough information or offers regarding the potential massage Chair. Tebo is pretty much the newbie in the said market. Faced with many other manufacturers, this brand is still inferior. However, the promised technology is groundbreaking. It offers a full body massage with zero gravity shiatsu recliners.  But unfortunately, there is no exact price tag for it.