Tebo Massage Chair NZ Price

If you're suffering from tension, stress, headaches, stiff muscles, fatigue, or anxiety, doing a massage will relieve all those health problems.

After doing hard work, backbones and muscles become sore.

To relax, you can stay for 20 minutes on this massage chair to rest your body.

Tebo massage chair uses advanced optical sensors that combine intelligent bio-mapping.

It can automatically scan your body, then measure your physiology.

It helps you to detect your spinal curvature along with your width and height, mapping your joints, muscles, and your pressure points.

Tebo uses high-tech versatility and precision of the Intelligent Robot Hands which gives you the 3D massage that can be customized for each individual.

There are several types of massage you can try, Swedish Massage, Thai Foot Massage, and Shiatsu Massage.

This massage chair is suitable for most people.

Yet, you better avoid using a massage chair if you are people with osteoporosis, pregnant ladies, people with broken bones, people with pacemakers, and also people who have had surgery.

In New Zealand, the Tebo massage chair costs around $6,000.

If you choose Shiatsu massage, this is a kind of Japanese traditional massage which implicitly means finger pressure.

Shiatsu relieves muscle tension and blood circulation through deep tissue massage.

It enables you to release harmful toxins.