Solar Water Pump Price in Pakistan

What is the difference between water pump and solar water pump?

For your information, solar water pump is based on normal water pump but with electric motor for its engine.

To make the engine on site, solar water pump uses a photo voltaic panel which converts the sun’s energy into electric.

For that, of course this product uses DC Motor.

Additionally, the important thing that you must know too is about the application of the solar water pump as whole.

First, to get drinking water more reliably and economically.

Second, it is very efficient and sustainable for your irrigation land.

Third, you can use the solar submersible pump to make the water delivered directly to a storage tank, a delivery channel, and an agricultural land.

Fourth, this solar water pump can also be used for surface pump that remain out the water from an open water sources like canal, river, or pool.

To buy the solar water pump, you can try several famous online shops like Alibaba Online Shop, for example.

In there, you can buy the solar water pump in-set or in pieces such as only centrifugal, DC brush, photovoltaic, pump set, or water pump.

For the complete price and items, you can check it below.

  • Pump Solar Water from $7,299 – $7,599 (roughly PKR 1,194,787 – PKR 1,243,895) per-set
  • Solar Water Pump 12 Volt Solar 2 HP from $296 – $6,000 (about PKR 48,452 – PKR 982,151) per-set
  • 48v DC Brushless at $80 - $200 (roughly PKR 13,095 – PKR 32,738) per-piece with minimal order 100 pieces
  • DC Brush Submersible about $25.5 - $35.0 (around PKR 4,092 – PKR 5,729) per-set
  • High Pressure 72V DC Solar Agricultural Water Pumping System at $440 - $449 (at PKR 72,024 – PKR 73,497) per-piece
  • High Head Submersible 200 Meter Deep Well at $188.18 - $192.91 (roughly PKR 30,803.56 – PKR 31,577.82), and many more

But if you prefer to buy those items through online shop near Pakistan only (like in India), you can try Olx Online Shop.

Look at the price of solar water pump from Olx website below:

  • Solar Tubewell Water Pumping System at Rs. 3,100 (at PKR 6,947) in Punjab
  • Solar Water Pumping System 25 HP for only Rs. 2,370 (about PKR 5,311) in Kazhmir
  • Solar Water Pump 12V 180 Watt DC Battery at Rs. 5,499 (roughly PKR 12,324) in Lahore
  • Solar Water Pumping System 5 inches Flow about Rs. 7,500 (about PKR 16,809), and many more too.