Red Komodo 6k Price in India

The high tech Red Komodo 6K finally arrives in India. 

After a long wait and the process of offering the breakthrough invention for high standard video making device, Red is now available. 

Indeed, India has been welcoming some high technological gadgets lately.

And eventually, the red komodo 6K will bring up the videography lovers' expectations. 

So, are you excited about how good the product will be? 

Check out this brief sneak a peek for you. 

The RED Komodo 6K Specification


All videography lovers know that this product will always come with high standard image quality. 

It is proved with the 27.03 mm x 14.26 mm shutter sensor that is considered as a brand new invention.

Another thing that makes Komodo 6k appealing is the body design that appears as a 2.1-pound device with a small 4 cubic inch form factor. 

It is tiny but packed with punches since the Komodo comes with another high video quality capture ability. 

Video Capture Quality 

What you can expect from a teeny tiny device, a bad video? 

Throw that idea away when you use Komodo 6K. 

As the name says, Komodo support capturing 6K resolution videos with 40 fps, 50 fps widescreen, or 4K with 60 fps. 

All were supported with LED touchscreen, REDCODE Raw setting, CFST 2.0recording media, connectivity through a RED control app, anamorphic lenses, EF, PL, etc. 

All of them are packed in this 6,000 dollars little camera.

Considering that RED has announced the specification way before the pricing, you can say that this manufacturer is very confident with Komodo 6K. 

And indeed the expectation is not worthless. 

The Komodo 6K appears with a pack of punches inside its tiny body. 

After officially launched in October 2020, it is time for India to enjoy the device. 

Along with the price tag starting from 440,500 INR, there is no doubt that you won't get disappointed with the camera.