Red Komodo 6k Price in India

Talking about RED, then you can tell that this brand is one of the famous players in the camera market. Calling it players, because the company somehow loves teasing its fans for the new Komodo 6K digital cinema camera. After a long time of teasing, finally, the camera comes out at the end of 2020. Here is what you can expect from the never before a camera.

The Features

Finally, India can get hands-on experience from the Red Komodo 6K after months of waiting. The RED Komodo will provide you a highly accessible camera that comes with the professional camera sensor, form, and push color matching with the current generation item. Its looks are amazing with its compact design that only measures about 4" square with 2.1 lb. weight.

That is a perfect camera for a run and gun cameraman that is also conscious of the professional features. As the name implies, the compact camera can record up to 6K40 resolution anamorphic formats. Due to its 19.9 Mp Super 35 CMOS sensor, it can pick up slow motion recording with 2K 120 fps.

Another interesting feature is the touchscreen phase-detection autofocus. Topped up with REDCODE RAW R3D recording, the video quality will be top-notch. There are also some hands-on video reviews that you can check on the internet. Most of them will highlight that the camera is pretty much stellar in the current market.

There are also more up to date technologies that match with the current use of gadgets. You can get the wireless smartphone control, Canon RF mount, EF adapter, or even the Cfast 2.0 card recording. To complete the pack, you can get the SDI 3.5 mm audio output from it. Thus, the video recording and its audio will come in the par quality.  

The Budget-Conscious Camera

Surprisingly, the camera is priced at around 6k USD. Just like its name, the price tag is still expensive. Compared to many other competitive brands, this price tag can heavily affect its market sector. Of course, the potential sales will come along with its quality. If you take the features as the consideration, then the RED komodo 6K price in India is always worth buying.

Even though you call it a budget-conscious camera, the price tag of $5,995.00 is pretty much on the higher side. For India, the price is about 436,733.45 INR. That is pricey but worth the high specification camera. On the other hand, the camera also hard to find for the current time. You can look for it in a specific online shop for now.