Pital Price 1kg Today in India

The word Pital is used to refer to the alloy of copper and zinc in India. 

In English, the name is highly related to Brass, which is a metal that has yellowy color. 

In many cases, this particular material is used for decorations items due to its high density, durability, and gold like appearance. 

That is why you can find this material used for the Pooja bell. 

But how much does this material price for? 

Here is your answer. 

The Primarily Use Of Pital In India 

This particular metal is very known for its versatility. 

From the ability to be decorative items, such as a bell, necklace, accessories, or any other ornaments, Pital also highly capable of utensils. 

In this case, Brass has low friction and easy application characteristics that lead them to be used as the main materials for electrical works and plumbing. 

Along with it, it is also known for the robust feature that makes them very durable. 

The Price Range Of Brass Or Pital in India

In India, this golden-colored material is commonly used for the Pooja bell. 

Most of the time, the yellow bell will come with different weights and dimensions that affect the pricing. 

The product price can reach up to around ₹1,300. 

This is a good price, especially If you are up for Pital investment. 

Around the time this article was written the Pital rate is around 300 to 315 Rs. 

Many investors consider it as an ideal range for investment, which means it is worth your money.  

It can be said that as one of the very versatile materials, brass is highly used for a lot of products and decoration items.

Along with it, this golden-colored Pital also bears high mechanical purposes, there is no doubt that people tend to look for it. 

In this case, understanding the current pricing range will help you underlining your shopping budget or offering the best appraisal when interested in investing in Pital.