Oppo Enco W51 Price in Bangladesh

OPPO is probably one of the many smartphone manufacturers that is loved for its photography technology. The newer generation of the RENO series is amazing in delivering the high technology of camera modules. But Bangladeshi also fall in love with the OPP Enco W51. The product is a Bluetooth headset that poses many cool features. Here is what makes it worth it. 

The Product Detail 

As its names say, OPPO Enco W51 is a Bluetooth headset that was developed and produced by the China giant manufacturer OPPO. What makes the phone stand out is the dual technology that ensures you have crystal clear sound. The brand also emphasizes the use of noise reduction or cancelation to enhance the earphone experience.  

The noise reduction claimed to reach a depth of 35dB2. That is impressive, especially for a small earphone that also featured a triple microphone. You can use it for the wireless calls that come with clear and noise reduction technology. Even more, it is compiled with Bluetooth 5.0 that has a faster connection. Along with the low-latency Bluetooth, you can expect less lag from it.

While there are more aspects that you can find regarding the sound and microphone quality, the earphone itself was built for the exact brand. That means, it is mostly compatible with any OPPO phones that are supported with the same Bluetooth technology. Another note to take is the wireless charging that makes it appear more premium and pricey.   

The Price  

But is it pricey? Compared to the same design of Bluetooth headset from the other Smartphone giants, the W51 price is pretty much favorable. For Bangladeshi that is interested in buying it, you can find it in the online marketplace for around ৳ 7,999. That basic price is quite high, but with the promotion or current market, the price can plummet to ৳ 3,150. 

Does It Worth To Buy 

Taking a look at the big plummeting price, you might wonder whether you should buy it or not. The truth is, the product is quite old and might already be buried with the newer plus better generation of Bluetooth headset. It was an okay earphone though. If you are looking for an affordable product, W51 from OPP will be your best option. 

It is not a wonder anymore that many manufacturers have tried to make any kind of smartphone's accessories. OPPO started it with the high technology cameras and quick charging product. Then, they also develop the OPPO Enco W51 that is worth ৳ 3,150. That price tag was the discounted value from the original ৳ 7,999.