Nokia X100 Price in Pakistan 2020

Nokia might have lost its dime in the modern smartphone era. Mainly when you consider how inactive this brand has been in recent years. However, a slight hope might come due to the hype of the Nokia X100 release. Even though there is no official information, many are expecting this phone, including Pakistan. Here is what you can expect and the Nokia X100 price in Pakistan 2020.

The Feature And Specification

Underline that this specification and feature might just be expectations based on the current smartphone technology. All in all, Nokia will release their new phone in the current generation that mostly comes with high specification. Thus, it is granted that people will expect Nokia X100 to have proper technology or even be placed as flagship standard.

So, starting from the façade. Nokia should feature a 6,5 inch or bigger Super AMOLED full touch screen display. Make it able to run 4k resolution for a crisp graphic. Along with it, the phone can top up its performance by using Qualcomm snapdragon 855 and 8Gb ram. That will be a powerful phone that side by side with the recent gaming phone.

It might not in par with the specific gaming phone, but at least Nokia X100 will be enough to run some demanding games. Another thing that Nokia should consider is the battery capacity and the camera modules. Make it 7200 mAh as a hefty battery for long-lasting usage. At the same time, it can come with standard 16 + 12 MP camera modules. 

The Key Expectation Including The Price

So, why a high processor, RAM, and battery yet standard camera? At this point, Nokia X100 rivals are pretty much focusing on the camera aspects. Many big smartphone brands create crazy technologies regarding camera modules. They come with more than 4 cameras, with a total of more than 64 MP. There are also features and incredible zooms.

If Nokia wants to rival the current camera technology, then they should put higher MP to attract people. That kind of hard to do, especially since Nokia doesn't have popularity regarding its camera quality. At the same time, more cameras mean a higher price tag. Even with this standard spec, the expectation of the Nokia X100 price in Pakistan 2020 is still around 980 USD or 156706.01 PKR.

Is it okay to expect the phone? The rumor and the expectation have been there in the net since 2019. Yet, there is no official update from Nokia. Thus, it is pretty much a questionable release. However, if Nokia wants to release the newer phone, then you can expect the said expectation. It includes the probable specification and the price range of 156706.01 PKR.