Nokia X100 Price in Malaysia

Reaching the beginning of 2021, the rumor of Nokia releasing the new and high tech smartphone is still on the internet. At the same time, there are still many people looking forward to this news. It includes the Malaysians that take much interest in this unofficial leak of Nokia X100. So, actually what is this rumor talking about? Here is what you might want to know. 

The Expectation Of Heavy-Photography Smartphone

The thing about leaks is there is no exact truth of it. Based on some sources (youtube and some websites), there is a lot of high technology expectation. In this case, many people were trying to fulfill their thirst regarding the camera aspect. Looking at the trend of quad or more camera modules with a total of 64+ MP, then X100 should be able to do the same. 

To join the market, Nokia might have to take the camera aspect more seriously. If they can, Nokia should hit the 100+MP camera module. They can arrange it with 64 MP, 16 MP, 8 MP, and 5 MP rear modules. And then top it up with the powerful single selfie camera with a 16 MP lens. Add also some cool camera features that rival the new camera powerhouse.  

Mid-Level Or Flagship Phone From Nokia 

Another thing that we can expect for the brand new Nokia will be a higher standard specification. The current generation of mid-range smartphones is beast enough to tackle heavy games and performance. So, Nokia can either target the mid-range or flagship market. If they do so, then prepare for a higher price tag. 

Think about the standard smartphone in this current generation. At least, Nokia X100 should run Android 10 that is capable of playing some games. Thus, they will need to jam-pack at least 6 GB RAM with 128 GB ROM. Make it use the newer Snapdragon and Adreno GPU. Don't forget the fastest octa-core processor to make it more powerful.  

Not So Crazy Price Tag  

Then, how much is Nokia X100 Price in Malaysia? Once again there is no exact information. If you take a look at the leaks or expectations, the pricing might be more than 800 RM. That was the price for Poco X3 that has a similar specification. So, let's hope that the phone can be realized at a more affordable price. 

From that information, it is hard to have big expectations from Nokia. There is no confirmation from Nokia regarding the X100. The rumor itself has been around since 2019, yet no product or information. If Nokia is planning to create the phone, it better follows the current trends with high camera and specification.