Nokia X100 Price in Malaysia

In the years of 2020, many smartphone giants starting to race by launching numerous high technologies. 

Along with the mainstream brand names, some rumors highlight the brand new phone from Nokia. 

Even though there is no proper confirmation from the official sites, but many were interested in Nokia X100 including in Malaysia. 

So, how good it could be and how much the price tag will be? 

Here are a tad bit of leaks for you.

A Phone With High-Resolution Cameras

Since the smartphone market has been flooded with a product that keeps on enhancing in the cameras sector, then we can expect that this phone should have high-resolution cameras as well. 

Let's say that Nokia might need to step up their specification with 100+ MP cameras arrays. 

It can be 64MP + 8MP + 5MP rear cameras with 16MP front cameras. 

Along with that, the new phone should be equipped with NFC, Bluetooth, and any other features. 

Standard Yet Very Powerful Performance

Just like any other phone, Nokia should set a high standard for X100. 

In this case, the phone performance at least should be powered with Android 10 along with an octa-core processor. 

It should be enough for at least photography. 

Added with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM, plus Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 chipset and newest Andreno GPU, the X100 will be a powerful device for gaming as well. 

With that capability, there is no doubt that NOKIA will rise in the market.

Considering the rising popularity of smartphones with high-resolution cameras and performances, there is no doubt that NOKIA should step up their pace. 

Although there is no exact information, those high-end specifications are highly expected from this brand. 

Along with the ability, it will be appropriate to expect the price tag will be as much as a flagship phone. 

As there is no information yet, let's prepare for the upcoming Nokia smartphone.

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