NKD 125 Bike Price in India 2020

Indians are quite fond of strong and dependable motorbike. 

In many cases, the street type motorcycle is constantly found in the India streets as transportation or for a work tool. 

One of the greatest selections you can choose from is the NKD 125 by AKT motors. 

The strong-looking design and great specifications have risen the demand in India. 

If you are one of those who are looking for them, here is the price and brief info about the bike. 

Street NKD 125 

The Street NKD 125 is built just like the type of naked bikes or roadster. 

The bike itself is underlining the versatility and the general-purpose street motorcycles. 

In this case, the ATK NKD 125 powered with GCR 4T OHV engines with 125cc that can reach 9.3 N ma @700 around 500 RPM. 

Along with it, the bike is also equipped with a 2.6 Gal tank capacity. 

The stat defines that the bike is powerful for work tools or transport. 

Types And Pricing At India 

Regarding the NKD 125 bike price in India 2020, it ranging around the 257,000,000 INR to 286,000,000 INR. 

The different prices are depending on the bike types and their model.  

The basic models are the NKD 125 that comes in 4 colors, white, black, grey, red. 

On the higher price, there are NKD Classic that has different decals and appearance. 

Lastly, the NKD 125 EX71 that are an exclusive edition from the Exito group.

The versatile ability of the street bike style is one of the reasons why Indians love this particular product. 

Along with popularity, it can be said that the motorbike itself is worth its popularity. 

A high 125cc cylinder, a light dry weight, excellent fuel consumption, agile, and light maneuver abilities are the great things about this bike. 

All in all, just wait till the NKD 125 from AKT make it debuts on India streets.