NKD 125 Bike Price in India 2020

As a country with a high population count, there is no doubt that bike becomes one of the most favorite transportation in the country. With that in mind, you might hear about the AKT motos or AKT motor. This company creates one of the biggest heartthrobs motors in India, NKD 125. But why? how good it can be? Here is some information regarding the motor.

The Motor Engine

The bike is one of the flagships of ATK. It is supported with GCR 4T OHV that is completed with a 125 cc cylinder. Even though the cylinder is pretty low, but is strong enough for the daily activity or work tool. It is because the bike can make 10. 34 Hp power @8000 ±500 RPM. When driving it in the maximum capacity, the max torque reaches 9.3 Nm.

Another thing that is worth looking at is the design and the availability. The design underlines the power and focuses on its usage. It has a halogen bulb that provides lighting and intensity as well. The bike might look like the generic street design, but it is also packed with sporty and ergonomic lines which enhance the comfort plus the stylish aspect of the bike.

The manly-looking bike comes in four different color options, white, black, grey, and red. You can say that the basic bike is good enough for its performance and power. It also packed with modern yet street looking design. With that in mind, the bike's price tag is considered good enough. It priced around $3,690,000 about 257,000,000 INR.

The New NKD 125 Classic And EX71

As the base model take quite a lot of popularity, ATK also releases the newer generation of NKD 125. It is named as classic with a more trendy looking design and signature. The machinery aspect is the same as the base, but the main difference will be the decal and appearance. It highlights the classic design through the leather colored seat.

Lastly, there is also the limited edition NKD 125 called eX71. The name of the bike refers to the exclusive edition from the Exito group. What makes it stands out is the decal that has the Exito group logo on it. For you who are excited about this trim, you have to pour more money since it is priced around $ 3.990.000.

The motorbike in India may be one of the most frequent things that you find on the street. By taking a look at the street, you can underline that they are fond of the strong and practical bike. Just like NKD 125, which appears as a street type with hefty performance specification. The price itself it's ranging 257,000,000 to 286,000,000 INR.