Morpho E3 Price

A fingerprint scanner is extremely useful these days. 


While there are possibilities to use a biometric fingerprint scanner for home security, but most of the time this particular device is used for payment verification. 


You can say, some credit cards will need fingerprint verification to be used for payment. 


That is why Morpho 1300 E3 is one of the solutions for fingerprint identification you can use for anything. 


Check out this brief explanation before you buy it. 


Usage And Features of the 


The Smartchip Pvt. ltd is one of the well-known companies that producing fingerprint verification. 


In this particular version, you got a very small 120 grams' device with a 6.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm dimension. 


The fingerprint is highly used for verification and identification. 


In this case, the item is ideal for any application or software with a biometric check. 


You can link it for home security and digital payment, such as Digi pay without the need of installing RD services. 


Detail and Pricing 


For such a great device, the Morpho E3 price is around ₹2,339 or around 32 US dollars. 


It is considered as cheap enough for quick use verification products. 


Morpho E3 is a USB fingerprint scanner that doesn't need any prior registration, software installation, or extra device. 


It is easy to plug play and auto-detect in your respective application. 


It also has a one-meter-long cord with a USB plug. 


To make it work, you only need to download the Morpho RD service, SCL RD, and main app.


All in all, this particular device is highly recommended for you who are running a business. 


You can use the Morpho E3 to help verify the user's identity. 


Along with it, this tool is very useful for identification that also works well for home security. 


It is also easy to use, doesn't need any configuration, and you don't even need to install the RD service, which might lead you to spend an extra ₹425.