Mate Cycle Price in India

Avon E Mate is a well known Indian bicycle.

It is manufactured by Avon and launched its electric scooter for a few years.

The scooters are operated by mating an electric battery to a motor.

It gets the power from a Hub that is mounted BLDC 250W motor that moves the Lead Acid, 48V 20AH rechargeable battery.

You can charge the battery by a 48V/220 AC DC charger.

And to be completely charged, you need 6 to 8 hours.

The maximum speed of this scooter is 65 km, and it can reach up to 24 km per hour.

In India, the price for Avon E Mate is started from Rs. 45,000.

This scooter is only available in one variant, the E Mate STD which comes with that price.

An electric folded bike like E Mate is the most popular compared to other categories of electric bicycles because of the portability.

Most of the e-folders will have a folding point on the handlebars and in the middle of the bike.

This way will make the bike no larger than a suitcase when you fold it.

If you plan to put the bike on a train or bus, a folded electric bike will be a good choice.

This bike might be heavier than the common bike.

But it's not a big deal compared to the benefits.