Huawei Cun U29 Price in Bangladesh

Huawei Cun U29 or also widely known as Huawei Y5II is probably the old phone that still has its charm in Bangladesh. It was officially released in June of 2016 but yet, there are still some people who are in love with it. So, why people still head over the heel for this phone? Is there something interesting in it? It is pretty much a capable phone to use.

The Overall Specification

Is it good? If you compare with the current generation of smartphones, of course, cun U29 is pretty much inferior. It has the standard or exact specification just like the 2016 generation. It has 1 GB RAM with 8GB ROM. At that time, that storage and RAM value is considered good enough. It event has an 8 MP single main camera with a 2 MP front selfie camera.

Worth noting that the specification might also be considered as the entry-level or mid-level. The phone wasn't a flagship and wouldn't be one. However, you can also consider that the phone is packed with high enough performance. The chipset is Mediatek MT6735P for the 4G model, while the basic 3G model is Mediatek MT6582.

That chipset is strong enough to run the same generation games. On the other side, you can also underline the stellar quad-core CPU with Cortex A53 (for 4g) and the Cortex A7 for the (3G model). Along with it, it Mali –T720 MP2 or Mali 400 MP2. Considering a whole lot of high brand in it, the phone is worthy for that year.

On the appearance side, you can tell the phone is quite big with a 5.0-inch screen size. One thing for sure, the display won't disappoint you. The screen type is IPS LCD with 16 M colors. It also already has 720 x 1280 resolution. Despite have a quite light build (135 g) with its plastic body, you can get a good experience with it.

The Pricing

Taking a look at the high quality of phone it was, it is safe to say that the Y5II is one of the best phones from Huawei during its generation. The phone consists of the main camera and the selfie camera with impressive performance. It is getting old, so the price is significantly lower now. You can get it for around 10.000 BDT.

Despite being an old generation phone, The Y5II is still stellar in its generation. You can see it by the high technology specification that it has. Even though the phone is released in 2016, it has packed with over the tops machinery, such as MediaTek, quadcore, and mali T-720. If you are looking for this phone, currently you can get it for around 10.000 BDT.