Dowry And Bride Price Calculator

Most often people are confused or even mistaken about the two terms. 

Worth noting that Dowry is not the same as Bride Price. 

Wherever you are this is a basic for those couples who are going to marry. 

Dowry is the assets from the bride to groom, while the bride price or bridal dowry is from the groom to the bride. 

The two terms also come with a different calculation that might need some understanding, even using a calculator. 

To help you with it, check out this information. 

Dowry And Bride Price Are Different In Every Country 

In some countries or places, there is always different culture and tradition regarding the bride price and dowry. 

Some of them might consider using cows, money, or even wealth as their dowry. 

For example, is in Africa which uses cow or lobola. 

Muslims will use Mahr which in the form of jewelry, dwelling, money, etc. 

Along with the different currencies, Dowry or Bride price can also relate to the couples' background. 

Such as their work, statue, wealth, etc.

The Use Of Calculator For Dowry And Bride

In many cases, choosing the right amount of dowry or bridal dowry are always not easy. 

Especially if you have to count the money that appropriates for your bride. 

In this case, there are some dowry and bride calculators out there like 

One example is the Lobola Calculator that can show how much cows you should pay for each location. 

There is also a platform that provides calculation regarding the total dowry in India. 

It should be highlighted that weddings need a lot of preparation, including the two marriage assets. 

In this case, understanding the difference between the two will help you a lot in the get-go. 

Both of the couples also need to underline the tradition to create a correct appraisal. 

Using a calculator can be a great solution especially when it comes to money. 

But it might not very accurate, since there are many traditions and other considerations.