Boat Nirvana 1007 Anc Price in India

The hype of gaming and online streaming creates a bigger market for headphone products.


In this case, one of the manufacturers that bombarded the world is Boat.


The remarkable brand Boat has frequently created high-quality headphones for any purpose.


One of the recommended products is Boat Nirvana 1007.


Released worldwide, here are the boat Nirvana 1007 ANC pricing, review, features, and specifications. 


The New Advanced Features


The ANC here stands for Active Noise Cancelling, which is very beneficial to mute the surrounding voices.


Creating a muted condition to focus on the sound of the headphone.


This particular headphone also uses SmartWav technology, which is considered as the high tech in the current days.


The tech helps the user to alter the function by producing hand waves near the product. 


Long Live Duration 


When it comes to wireless devices, the important thing is battery lives.


Nirvana 1007 claimed that it has a playback time of 30 hours.


In this case, durability is also number one.


Regarding the Boat Nirvana 1007 ANC Price In India, you can consider that it is surprisingly worth it.


This headphone is also equipped with Bluetooth kind 5.0, Type C charging cable, 40mm driver size, and ergonomic earcups design. 




The Boat was trying to reach the hearth of the consumer through a more comfortable design and shapes.


The ergonomic earcups and the 40 mm driver size are means for prolong use.


Along with it, it also has a swipe and tap control feature with smart mute technology.


With all of those specifications, you can expect that the pricing around ₹4,999 won't make you disappointed. 


With that in mind, you can say that the Boat Nirvana is one of the greatest headphones with active noise canceling.


Even though it comes from not so a well-known brand manufacturer, many people agreed that the product is worth the money.


The specification and features are great. Especially for India that starting to embrace the hype of gaming and streaming.