Beliard Clock Price

When talking about the antique pieces, then one of them will be a clock. Especially the Beliard clock that steals the internet attention due to its appealing charm. The characteristic of this specific antique product is the skeleton design with a dashing color resembling the 1795 era. Here, let's talk about the two clocks that are still beautiful despite their age.

La Pendule Francaise From Paris

The first clock appears beautiful and magnificent. The clock is known as the 18th-century clock with its signature skeleton design. The grand looking design also has revolutionary remontoire and time information. It is not a simple clock whatsoever; because the hour dial also shows Arabic hours. 

Additionally, the above part also has the moon phase and age of the moon dial.

The function is also unique, making it more precious in today's generation. The clock that dated from 1794 was created by Julien Beliard and the enamels were by Joseph Coteau. The authenticity is shown from the original sign of Julian Beliard on the bottom and COteau on the rear side. Another plus for the piece is the design.

The clock also has a further steel hand that shows a republican or revolutionary calendar to the border. It shows 1-30 that also completed with a ten-day week on the inner edge. The construction is pretty much complicated since it also indicates a month. It is made of gilt bronze matched with white and blue marble. The dimension is around 26.6 cm W x 42 cm H x 13,5 cm D.

Clock Circa

The second clock piece dated earlier or maybe younger than the La Pendule Francaise ones. This clock has the signature design of a skeleton body and a bulky rounded shape on the clock. At the first glance, it resembles a trophy, especially with the white marble and the gilt bronze finishing.  The main detail comes from the detailed carving in its body.

The construction and the functional aspect is less specific than the previous clock. It also appears smaller, since the height is around 17 inches. On the other hand, the square base is about inches. You can find this item in the auction sites that bid for the Beliard Clock Price more than 5,000 USD. The estimation also reaches 7,000 USD.

Those were two Beliard Clock that came with timeless pretty design. The skeleton design that emphasizes the clock makes every piece of the clock appear authentic. The color palette and the material also over the top. Making it one of the antique pieces that sold at a high price. The real clock with its sign can be sold from 5,000 to 7,000 USD.