Beliard Clock Price

If you are looking for a Beliard Clock, the La Pendule Française Dans le Monde from Paris might be your choice. 


This skeleton clock was specially designed by Julien Beliard, and the enamels were made by Joseph Coteau in Paris in 1794. 


This late 18th-century clock struck the world with its revolutionary time.


The sign of Julien Beliard was on the plaque below.


There was also a sign of Coteau on the rear. 


The La Pendule Française Dans le Monde was made of white marble and gilt bronze with width 26.6 cm, height 42 cm, and depth 13.5 cm.


Antique clocks are a lucrative type of antique. 


If you have old clocks and want to find out whether it is valuable or not, we have several tips to follow.


The first thing to do is finding the signature of the label from the manufacturer. 


The second thing is looking for evidence if the clock is handmade. 


This is important because what makes a clock valuable is craftsmanship. 


The primary sign that your clock is handmade is the irregularities that are shown.


And the last thing is looking for signs of age. 


You know that older clocks will be worth more than new clocks. 


Hints about the clock's age will be beneficial to determine whether your clock is a true antique.