ATS Tractor Price in Pakistan

In the world of agriculture, tractor and heavy tools are something you cannot forget about. In this case, Pakistan is another country that relies on heavy equipment performance to take care of agriculture activities. Within that realm of agriculture, there is a bit of rumor regarding ATS tractor price in Pakistan and its availability. But is it real? This is what you should note.

About ATS

Before you go further about the tractor, let's talk about the manufacturer. Worth noting that ATS international is the worldwide manufacturer of heavy-duty agriculture tools. You can take a look at its official website, which ATS international developed parts that work hand in hand with the world's finest manufacturers. That is why the product is always on the top demand.

The ATS international or ATS England also goes with its slogan as Premium quality diesel engine parts. They are specialized in developing piston rings, pistons, valves, gaskets, and other major engine components. It is mostly designed for agriculture tractors, commercial vehicles, earthmoving equipment, diesel, or cars. It is also worth noting that they are also on the Pakistan market.

The Rumored Tractor And Expectation  

Underlining the idea that ATS is one of the premium parts manufacturers, then the possibilities of them creating a tractor is not impossible. There are some rumors or leaks on the internet regarding the product. You can find it on one of the popular video-sharing social media youtube or Facebook. However, there is no confirmation from the ATS.

The video and pictures on the internet showing two tractors. They are labeled with ATS 500 and 750 names that appear in two different colors, blue and red. Based on the video, the appearance of the two agriculture vehicles resembles the Messey Ferguson design. It is one of the infamous tractors with heavy-duty performance.

It offers fast movement, lightweight design, and strong PTO HP. With that build, it is fairly durable and agile in the field. On the other hand, there is no exact information regarding the price. But using the Messey Ferguson as a comparison, it might have 38 HP with 6 splines, 2500 cc engine with 40+ HP capacity. On the pricing side, it might be around BDT 7,000,000.  

To conclude, you can tell that the rumor is questionable. There is no exact information since ATS international did not include it as their product. However, it can be possible or probably true because ATS is an experienced heavy duty equipment parts manufacturer. If it does exist, you can use the Messey Ferguson tractor as a price or specification comparison.