ATS Tractor Price in Pakistan

The high capability of ATS tractor has reached Pakistan. 

Many agriculture business owners are expecting this particular agricultural technology to make the work easier. 

While there are more than enough tractor brands in this country, but the ATS England name is very well known for its tractors parts. 

ATS also one of the premium brands in Pakistan known for its best tractor parts and agriculture products. 

So how good is the tractor?

The Highly Expected Tractor

Considered as the best or the premium parts manufacturer, most likely ATS will launch a great tractor as well. 

In this case, the Pakistani who are working in the agriculture sector is highly expecting the rumored ATS 500 and 750. 

So, what you get from it? 

Based on videos and leaks about the product, the two tractors were looks like Messey Ferguson design. 

It comes with a lightweight design, quite fast, yet has strong PTO HP and durable for heavy field works.

Price And Models

Unfortunately, there is no further information regarding the pricing and exact specification. 

But considering the look, highly possible that the ATS tractor will come as 40+ Hp with 2500 cc engine capacity. 

It has 3 cylinders, and 3 stage oil bath, dual-clutch with 12 forward and 12 backward gears. 

The PTO power is around 38 HP with 6 spline, which is strong enough for heavy-duty. 

Id considering the design and spec, the ATS tractor might be priced around BDT7,00,000.

As one of the big names in the agricultural products, ATS try to gain bigger consumers through their brand new tractor. 

But in a matter of fact, the ATS tractors have been issued or rumored since 2018.  

It came as a standard tractor design just like Messey Ferguson. 

It comes with standard HP category, PTO, strength, and engine capacity. 

Those, you can expect that the price and the performance are not too far different.