Woolow Pillows Price

For more than two decades, Michael Burke’s family has raised their sheep on family farm in Tuam.

After his retired from his career, now Burke want to take over the farm.

The brilliant idea that he has is converted it into natural products.

That’s why he creates Woolow.

Woolow itself is his personal call for his wool pillow.

Because of its background career in healthcare, he knows how many benefits that the wool is.

As he said, woolow is a 100% natural wool filling or natural fiber product so there is no synthetic material in its product.

This wool pillow also 100% breathable, can repel water, mildew, mould, and even dust can’t survive in it.

So, it is great for anyone who has allergies or asthma.

Furthermore, Woolow Pillow can adjust our body’s temperature so you can’t feel too cold and too hot while sleep anymore.

Now, with a business developer, Ciaran Sheriden, Burke developed his Woolow more.

They already have launched their own Kickstarter campaign for promoting Woolow all around the world.

If you are interesting about this product, you can choose one of Woolow products that they have.

  • Product 1 is a standard woolow with the pledge price is about € 59 (or more at € 69). Retail price is at € 95 (save € 36).
  • Product 2 is a lavender woolow with one lavender infused on it sells with the pledge price is at € 69 (or more at € 79). Retail price is at € 110 (save € 41).
  • Product 3 is any 2 woolow pillows.

         You can get 2 woolow pillows (natural or lavender).

         The pledge price is at € 115 (or more at € 135).

         Retail price is up to € 220 (save up to € 105).

All dimensions of those product are same, which around 19”x 29”or 48 cm x 74 cm.

For the price information above are from their campaign Kickstarter.

But from their own website: https://woolow.com/, this price maybe a little bit more expensive.

For natural pillow, the price is from € 75 and lavender pillow’s price from € 85.

For sound sleep spray is about € 20, same with the price of lavender spray.

If you want to see more information about Woolow Pillows, you can check directly to that their own website or their social media such as Facebook (@woolow) or Instagram (@woolowsleep).