T17 Smartwatch Price

For the last twenty or thirty years, technology progressed has become so rapidly in our day life.

In its modern era, we are so easy to be encapsulated by technology.

When something new comes out, it is so hard to ignore it.

We, as soon as possible, want to be part of that “update society”.

It seems like we blame about its negativity impacts, but we can’t ignore that there are so many positive points of technology too.

And one of those are smartwatch.

T17 smartwatch has been around for several months but because of this benefit, it still becomes a hot sell in the market.

Maybe, some of that benefits are its simplicity and cheaper price.

For the simplicity, T17 smartwatch adopt rectangular form with a minimalist design, stainless steel material, simple structure, and light weight to wear.

The wearable itself creates from a black plastic body while it straps available in several colors such as red, green, blue, and purple.

The important is T17 smartwatch supports 1.3 inch TFT LCD for its display screen with resolution about 240 x 240 pixel.

It has 180 mAh battery which can standby for 25 days for you.

The watch also adopt touch button key operation on its bottom.

Additionally, this watch enable you to receive messages or updates from Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, QQ, SMS, and other notifications.

So now, you can process the information as fast as light.

Other benefits that you can rely on T17 smartwatch are the sport and health features on it such as heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, and automatic activity tracking.

T17 smartwatch also has music control, sleep monitoring, weather reminder, alarm reminder, sedentary reminder, and supports 13 kinds of languages.

Another important thing too is about Fit Pro, the application of T17 smartwatch that available both in Android and iOS platform.

Don’t worry about wearing it under the rain or in the dirty room because this watch is absolutely waterproof and dust proof.

According to Young and Smart website, this T17 smartwatch sells at PHP 1,699 (USD 35.0472) for 2 watch in its special discount event.

If you are in Philippine now, you can get free shipping nationwide.

In another website like La Vishion, T17 smartwatch sells with the same price and discount too.