LG Wing Price

Maybe LG is a little bit more conservative than other mobile industry like Samsung and Huawei, but LG is one of the phone brands that always has their own “fanatic fans”all around the world. 

Not like the other smartphone which put plastic and flexing glass around sturdy metal frames, LG product such as this new device, LG Wing, puts a secondary display in its case. 

LG Wing come with operating system like Android 10.0, 2nd gen Snapdragon X52 Modem-RF System, and Qualcomm Adreno 620 as its GPU graphics processor. 

LG Wing also has 8GB RAM and internal storage packs 128 GB or 256 GB, while supports micro SDXC expansion up to 2TB if you need more space for your data. 

This phone has 4,000mAh for its battery so you can do many activities in one moment but still have powers to bring this phone to your bed. 

If you are picky about phone’s color, you can choose one of its color such as Aurora Gray or Illusion Sky. 

Both of those colors are cool for your favorite smartphone in a pocket.

The main screen display is about 6.8 inch 20.5:9 FHD+ and P-OLED Full Vision while the smaller display is about 3.9 inch 1.15:1 G-OLED. 

These wide display screen can make your surfing journey to the internet world will be unforgettable experience to explore. 

The Durable Hinge technology in its movement allow this smartphone to rotate smoother than other smartphones. 

This amazing phone also has Water Repellant Coating and Anti-Dust technology to make your personal phone looks perfect.

More than that, the LG Wing also use solid hardware that very impressive to look and use. 

Just like the explanation before, LG Wing put second display or screen-case in its device. 

This secondary-screen can rotate until 90 degrees and has function like your own virtual keyboard in smartphone form. 

The screen also can show your photos or videos editing options while you are busy to scroll your own gallery in main display. 

You can watch video on YouTube in one screen while read some comments from that video in another screen. 

More, you can chat with someone in main screen while watch some videos from Netflix, for example, on secondary screen. 

In simple words, LG Wing let you to display more actions than usual smartphone can do. 

So, this smartphone is the perfect definition of multitasking phone for the best generation like you.

Furthermore, you will be amazed with the camera quality that LG Wing has. 

This smartphone has Ultra High Resolution with triple camera in behind such as 64MP with f/1.8, 25mm (OIS Wide), 13MP with f/1.9 and 119o (Ultra Wide) and 12MP with f/2.2 lens slot (Ultra Wide Big Pixel). 

For the front camera itself, LG Wing has 32MP Wide with f/1.9 26mm. 

This front pop up camera use Hexa Motion Stabilizer or Gimbal Motion Camera for your best picture result. 

Other amazing features by LG Wing that you can enjoy are LED flash, Panorama, Dual Recording and also HDR with 1080 pixel 30 fps. 

All of LG Wing’s camera and features can perfectly stabilized your photography learning and video creating sessions. 

One of the best camera features of LG Wing like Dual Recording allows you to shoots from the rear and front camera simultaneously. 

You can split screen to shoot as two separate moments or video. 

You can watch both sides and compare whats the best to take for your Instagram Story. 

Conclusion, if you are looking for a high quality smartphone for your best journey ever, try this one.

LG Wing’s Price

Some websites expecting that the price of LG Wing will around $1,000 like most certainly default price that rumored these days. 

But according to the LG’s website itself, still no information about the specific price of LG Wing. 

The LG Company itself says that the smartphone will be available first in the US via Verizon, and then AT&T and T-mobile after that. 

Of course the price of its phone will vary based on its color options, specs, and availability. 

So that, if you are interested with this amazing smartphone, try to safe your money from now. 

For that reason, when this smartphone is available in your country, you could get it as soon as possible. 

If you are looking for more details about the specification, price and its availability, also some news for its product, please look closer to their own website (https://www.lg.com/global/lgwing).