Jio Bike Price

Environmental issues have been the headlines of our morning news for years since our planet looks sicker than it was 100 years ago. 

One of those environmental issues that we have to face every day is global warming due to the greenhouse effect. 

As we know, exhaust gases of our motor vehicle are one of the largest contributor of greenhouses gases on earth. 

So, what’s the solution? 

Maybe we must replace our motor vehicle fuels with more environmentally friendly fuels such as electric fuel.

In India, you can find some bikes that use electric fuel than diesel fuel or petrol. 

Or using both of them. 

One of that new upcoming motor vehicles is Jio Bike. 

Maybe it’s not that famous compared to old brands like Honda or Yamaha, but Jio has its own style. 

According to some YouTube channels that make review about this bike, Jio has the advantage like it can be used by both fuels such as electric and diesel fuel/petrol too. 

For the price itself, Jio announced new scooty in low price. 

You can get it with price under Rs 50,000 (exactly Rs 40,999 but another source says it sells under Rs 20,000) while the other electric motors can be more than Rs 50,000.