Black Villa New York Price

If you have ever go to New York and want to have one family home or villa at the second largest state park in there, you must remember the Black Villa.

Designed by Reza Mohtashami, this villa is so unique and luxurious.

Not only because of its name but also about the unusual wonderful features and extraordinary structure in its design too.

Imagine of what you will think if you have a black amazing and majestic home in the middle of fresh and green environment of the Harriman State Park.

That will be so incredible feeling, because this park is so famous with its lakes, vistas, camping areas and multiple stream.

With the total area is around 400m2, the Black Villa has huge living room with an open extraordinary glass for its ceiling, modern taste in its big bedroom, wonderful feeling in its dining space and of course, stunning design of every touch of its interior.

And don’t forget about its name!

Because of the name is “black”, so you will understand about why everything in this place is in black color.

You know how majestic black is, right?

Even if you are red or blue color lover, you will fall in love with this black systems directly.

Moreover, because of this building are in the middle of the park, so you can find some of the uncommon structures such as an open big living space on its ceiling so you can see the high-sky every time you want it.

From morning until night, you can see the sun in the morning and the moon and the stars too in the night right above your head with your like if you are in the open air of nature.

Beside black, the other features concept that make you fall in love with its design are because of almost all material of the building made from wood with monochromatic theme.

This dark and monochromatic style give you very beautiful looks, if you walk to entire home.

Even its chair, table and some features are made from dark wood.

With Mohtashami as architect of the building, a person who famous with his remarkable structure and design all around the world, the Black Villa will make your daily activity and holiday moment with your family become so unforgettable.

So, how’s the price?

Unfortunately, still no information about the price of this Black Villa.

Every website that we found only talk about its design and structure.

There is no difference if you go to the designer’s Instagram - @mohtashami_reza - directly.

Perhaps the main reason is because of the Black Villa still a design, not yet a real building.

Or maybe, you can ask the price to him through message, for example.

So, if you want to see more information about the Black Villa in the future, keep wondering Mohtashami’s social media.