Top Glove Singapore Share Price

One of the largest natural rubber glove manufacturer in the world, Top Glove, is a dual-listed company in Singapore and Malaysia.

This company produces nitrile, vinyl, cast polyethylene, latex, and thermoplastic elastomer gloves for household, cleanroom, surgical, health care and several industrial needs.

Now, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the production of Top Glove has become increasing significantly.

Top Glove Singapore Share Price

According to Asia Nikkei Review website on August 2020, the company has revenue for 7,236.31M, gross profit 2,389.27M and net income 1,866.99M.

More than that, it also has operating income 2,440.44M and income before tax about 2,302.77M.

For it dividends per share is around 0.11 and total assets is about 8,672.92M.

The currency of those financial highlight is in MYR.

According to Share Investor website, Top Glove Open at SGD 2.880, buy price at SGD 2.880 and sell price at SGD 2.890, on this September 2020.

And like SG Investor website says, the last traded share price of Top Glove Corporation BHD (SGX:BVA) is about SGD 2.910, today, September 28th 2020.

The volume traded is around 3,441,400, day range from 2.870 until 2.940, and change is around +0.070/ +2.46%.

For more information about what is the week average volume, month price range or week average volume, check to the website directly.

You can get a lot of information about Top Glove stock’s info in there.