Lazy Spa St Lucia Price

Lay-Z-Spa has inflatable hot tubs for sale ranging from 449 euros to 999 euros.

The least expensive hot tub that they sell fits 2-4 people in it and sells for 449 euros.

This model is called the Miami AirJet and has the 81 AirJets Massage System.

On the other hand, the most expensive hot tub they sell fits up to six people.

This hot tub is called the Hawaii HydroJet Pro.

This specific model is not the largest hot tub they sell as several other models have seating for up to seven people.

The special thing about the Hawaii HydroJet Pro is that it has the HydroJet Pro Massage System which has eight HydroJets and 120 AirJets.

The HydroJet is exclusive to this hot tub as all of the others they sell only utilize the AirJet system.

Lay-Z-Spa has several hot tub options to consider since each of them have different features, size capabilities and price ranges.

It is worth your while to take a look at the options that they have available at