Vetas Mobile India Price

The Vetas V10 is hailed by some as the most luxurious mobile phone in the world.

Utilizing both cutting edge technology to achieve truly impressive performance as well as luxury materials, such as leather, this phone truly looks shows both the craftsmanship involved in making it, as well as accents the status of it's owner.

This impressive smartphone boasts an equally impressive price tag.

The basic version of the Vetas V10 costs around $1,500 on the Chinese market, equaling around Rs. 114,390.

However, those who will want to purchase the high-end, luxury version of the smartphone, might have to pay as much as $3,500, or Rs. 266,910!

Although expensive, the phone boasts some of the best specifications utilized in the smartphone world to date.

It is also produced with the use of materials, which have never been used before in the in the mobile industry.

Not only a phone, The Vetas V10 is a true symbol of status.