Reliance Hand Sanitizer Price in Pakistan

Because of the pandemic that spread the world noawadays, hand sanitizer is one of the most important thing that you must have in your pocket.

No matter where you go, this item will be your primary and number one thing which you use before and after doing your activity.

If you are citizen of Pakistan or live in Pakistan, you can try Reliance Sanitizer.

This product is so easy to carry and also can refresh your hands on-the-go wherever you go.

Furthermore, this antiseptic hand sanitizer is very effective too for killing 99.9% of germs that can harm your body.

For your information, its ingredients are containing Aloe, Alcohol, vitamin E, and also other moisturizers to prevent excessive drying from your hand’s skin.

If you are interested to get this hand sanitizer, you can choose any of its volume that available such as 50 mL, 60 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL or even 1000 mL and 20 Ltr bottles.

Reliance Sanitizer Price

If you can’t go out away from home because of the quarantine, you can buy it in some famous online shops such as Daraz in Pakistan.

For Reliance Hand Sanitizer with 50 mL volume, you can get it with only Rs.149 or around $0.89.

For 250 mL, you can get it with only Rs.399 or $2.38.

Furthermore, for 500 mL, you can buy it with only Rs.699 or $4.17.

And if you want to get 1000 mL, just keep Rs.1,249 or $7.46 in your pocket or debit card for payment.

But if you want to buy 20 Ltr Can of Reliance Hand Sanitizer, you must have Rs.11,100 or $66.27 to get it in your home.

And if you want to buy Reliance Hand Sanitizer 250 mL with another online shop, you can get it from Dawaai with Rs.399 too, same with how many price that Daraz’s offer before.