Puregold Price List of Products 2020

Puregold is a chain of retail supermarkets in the Philipines that was founded in 1998.

The company's operations are not only based on retail format and store brands but also online.

They trade in consumer products including food products, canned goods, pharmaceutical products, furniture, lighting supplies, cookware, and toiletries.

Highlighted are prices in Peso of some of the products available at Puregold.


Bread P 58

Reno liver spread 85g P 14.50

Coffee P 60.45

Coffee Creamer P 47

Tea - instant, with milk powder P 36.40

Fabric softener P 115.40

Canned Fish P 17.25

Juice- Tetra, 235ml P 11.80

1 litre Milk- tetra, soy fresh P 45

1 Litre Milk- Tetra, cowhead P 67.95

Mushroom canned, 400g P 46.20

Snacks, bread sticks P 19.90

Soup- instant , knorr, crab and corn, 60g P 43.80

Soap, laundry detergent, 2Kg P 174

JackDaniels 1 litre drink, P 1.545

Puregold essential oils P 450- P 2.379